• mac DIESEL fanbase

    gon be whack, just like everything else these 2 guys have ever released

  • Jack

    Msc diesel stole the words out my mouth

  • hate camels

    billionaire but talentless

  • Yup

    i respect YMCMB’s hustle. everybody over there gettin money courtesy of white suburban America ages 12-18.. but over here we don’t fuck with you, musically!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Baby and Mack MIXTAPE yup thats what the game been missing. Oh man V-Nasty & Gucci got some competition.

  • Yup


    co-sign. like i said, the hustle is respected. like get your money you ignorant lil white bitch. but you really don’t think people take you serious, musically, do you? word to gucci lol.

  • Ruger

    Wack. NEXT!

  • Your Father

    Like anybody asked for a sequel.
    By the way, those are brains in the art.
    There’s a difference between a brain and a mind…simple niggaz

  • Black Shady


  • Kieran

    I know that right now all Birdman does in Rub his hands and Wear YMCMB sweaters and all he raps about is Money, but He wasn’t always this annoying, Remember Big Tymers, even Like Father Like Son and 5*Stunna wasn’t that bad.

  • Jaymalls

    Lmao… These 2 r like the furthest from Billonares!


    @Jack. that aint mac DIESAL thats his fanbase showing respect

    free mac DIESAL

  • Real life

    You talking about them… That’s the whole point of the mixtape… To stay relevant!!! Which is what got Lil Wayne and them on top… Keep putting out music!!!!

  • @BlackShady:I’ve been meaning to get back to you about that comment you left me yesterday,but you bodied yourself with a name like Shady.

  • SwiSha

    there is alot of hate in the black community forealzz, if they aint all that good musically. So what? Its simple niqqa dont listen to it. Birdman & Cash Money Records have been relevant since fuckinq ’97. So do yall think yall dumbass opinions even matter. I have this mixtape on my ipod & I like it. Does that mean I have bad taste in music? Umm no. I can go from listeninq to birdman to krs to wale to wayne to rakim to scarface. Hip-hop bloggers have me rolling sometimes.

  • Fah Q


  • Truth


    you asked if listening to this mixtape means you have bad taste in music. the answer you were looking for is yes. you do.

  • RealHipHopBack

    didnt notice there was a first one smh

  • franky knuckles

    Only thing i wonder is who in cashmoney camp is doing all that writing for baby”bird” and fruity mack