• ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Tim Westwood doesn’t have caller ID? Avoid that call next time.

  • Collar Cali

    Just being a girl… I really try with her… I liked Mixtape Nicki, Lets see what happens because that “Roman in moscow’ joint was just dumb AF… no real lyrics, just craziness. The cadence & beat was aiight but, in one year I have heard 10% lyricism from her, lackluster performances, but a whole lot of fame. She came up as a business woman this year, as for next year,I hope it’s the year of her lyricism. Regardless it will sell…. & that’s sad.

  • Carlos “The Hip Hop Historian”

    I am here to grace you with my presence once again. Nicki Minaj has already won. That pink Friday album was great but some hip hop heads will dismiss it as being pop music. That album had solid verses from beginning to end which is hard to find now. I told my niggaz that the cd was for my girl but when i was alone driving i used to blast it. That album was a hip hop head’s guilty pleasure. Niggas just be scared to play that shit in front of they niggas cause you might come off as gay. Even the hardest niggas in the streets right now lip sync and sing along to romans revenge with the funny voices included. That bitch can actually rhyme too. she be taking control of that muthaffukkin mic.

  • wow

    @ carlos
    “I told my niggaz that the cd was for my girl but when i was alone driving i used to blast it. ”

    LMAO this just means your a faggot bruh. it is a album for girls.

  • ItsTheTruth

    LMAO @ WOW


    Straight up tho, carlos I hope u kiddin my dude. Just cuz dudes dont play that CD in front of they boys dont mean they scared. That mean they just dont fuck wit the CD! Ur worse than ricky rozay fans. Where’s a ‘Delete’ option for posts when u need one?

  • RealHipHopBack

    @ Carlos
    LMFAO I could almost picture the tears running down his face as he types how much he liked Pink Friday and no one understands

  • Brutally Honest

    lmao @ Carlos, you pretty much put yourself in the line of fire w/ the nicki/pink finday comment.. There’s no defending you at this point

  • Carlos “The Hip Hop Historian”

    Pink Friday was a good album in my opinion. that makes me an easy target but truth is truth. When i was in jail she was all the buzz among all the inmates. They all liked my impersonation of her rap style.

  • Brutally Honest

    @Carlos I find it hard to believe the inmates you were locked up with 1) were fans of Nicki, if not admire some of her work 2) liked your impressions unless you and them got turned out in the joint. I like mixtape/Come-Up DVD Nicki ; if she goes back to that on this 2nd album. She’ll regain her core fans from the jump

  • JHP

    Nicki got the old white men going crazy, first Regis Philbin, not Tim Westwood smh lol

  • haha

    look at his hover hand.

  • Jane Doe

    @Carlos plz stop. WACK Friday was straight pop bubble gum garbage with no substance at all. She’s trash. The end.

  • Nikki had twice the buzz Lil Kim had when she first came out in 96,but yet she still haven’t sold more than Kims debut”Hardcore”.Also”Stink Friday”can’t match none of Kim’s Classics.”Hardcore”LaBella Mafia”Notorious Kim”Naked Truth”.Kim wins easily.

  • onanigga

    Westwood got his hoverhand on!

  • Emanuel Vinson

    letting gender influence if you’re okay with listening to someone’s music means you value sexism/homophobia and reductive societal rules more than you do art and expression. i think that’s wack.

  • Kemosabi

    Lmfao you played yourself commenters section? That’s one sweet as jail

  • Truth

    @Carlos is trollin’ the fuck outta this entire post. there’s no other logic justification for any of his misguided comments.


    nikki put your bare ASS ON THE COVER.. i bet you’ll break records for a solo female recording artist