• Black Shady

    2nd single? whats the first ????????????

    I fuckz with Diggy. Aint really took the time to check his catalogue..but he nice

  • Carlos the Hip Hop Historian

    This is a bright young man with alot of drive. I am just speaking truth here. This little whipper snapper is a generic drake that has nothing new to offer to hip hop. this will be evident in the long run. He lacks talent and is only where he is because of his family. I have never heard anyone say that they liked his music. Even the person that posted this knows whats up. We have to stop supporting this type of hip hop. Rap radar has a huge pull and influence so they should be more responsible with what they post. Rap Radar needs to man up and stop being bullied by these corporations to post mediocre music like bow wow, lil kim etc.

  • Hip-Hop Fiend

    @Carlos the Hip Hop Custodian Why do you feel Diggy don’t have nothing to offer hip-hop? He better than your favorite rapper. Yes he came from a rich wealthy family, that don’t mean he can’t have talent. Hip-Hop can’t keep having the same story over and over. The story about man I came from the streets, look at my struggle. Then as these rappers get put on they forget their roots and lose their hunger at talk bout the same shit. Diggy the truth, he rich but I hear more hunger in his music then half these niggas out.

  • sound like drake, look like drake but cant grow a beard tryin to speak well like drake too

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  • dizzle

    nigga is wack

  • CK

    He’s average but could do smthng in this rap game, because rap isn’t for the grown ups anymore..

  • Ron Burgundy

    This guy is gay. You can see it from a mile away. Good for him.



  • Brutally Honest

    @Carlos I find it funny you say Diggy is bad for hip-hop but, Nicki Minaj isn’t …… Uhhhhmmmmmmm !!!

  • Bizness

    Co Sign @Hip-Hop Fiend

  • @YMCMB “Speak wells like Drake.” He probably went to the best schools and had parents who emphasized education. Something wrong with that?

    I’m glad he’s using his parents’ connections to pursue his dreams and build generational wealth. Any smart person in his position would do the same.

    Lol @ the number of Sanduskys jealous of a little boy.