• Is it just me or has the best album of 2011 not come out yet?

  • Piringle

    Excellent collabo

  • no Evan, it is definitely not just you.

    This album is looking like it will be the best thing out this year. with only 11 days left in the year.

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  • dll32

    rlly looking forward to this album.

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  • wahrheitsgetreu

    this album will be THA SHIIIIT. although it will not sell a mili in the first week. still, looking forward to it.

  • This album is about Quality not quantity, so i wont be mad if the numbers aren’t that good but i will damn well make sure that I get it.

    It just gives you that good feeling inside, now this is the Hip Hop I fell in love with.

  • BK James

    This whole album feels really generic so far. Everything I’ve heard is high quality, but I’ve heard the Common/John Legend/No I.D. track enough times before for this track to not hace much impact on me. The production is really top notch here, and common’s lyrics are solid. I’m definitely looking forward to this album, but I wish Common would make some more experimental music at this point in his career. Should have stuck with G.O.O.D.


  • ultrakid

    The Dreamer/The Believer > Watch the Throne >>>> everything else

  • Lestry

    I think this is the best single/song which came out after premiere of the album.
    Common’s rhyme technique is sick and John Legend is great on this track.
    I hope it will be another video – to this song…

  • dday

    damn man this song bodies any song pound for pound hip hop wise this year on anyones album including throne and take care

  • SmokeYou

    Can’t wait to rip off the shrink wrap and put this album in the car and just… go for a drive.

  • waloo

    For some reason i wana hear a common and joe budden collab. Is it the beard?

  • @waloo definitely a great beard combo
    BeatKnox http://t.co/TjgxrXQo

  • album songs very great

  • Hudes

    Thing is cause its getting released so late people may overlook it. The cd been done for a while. I wish it was out already. Hell yeah I’m buying this art.

    December 20.
    That day can’t come soon enough

  • Classic.Big Hit.Common going to a new level

  • BRu973

    Ehhhh…I honestly don’t like this! I think b/c music is bad at the moment people are anticipating anything, but outside out of Ghetto Dreams & Sweet I haven’t heard anything John Blaze from Common’s new album

  • Tucq

    I haven’t heard a better set of releases from anyone else in 2011 than Common. SWEET, GHETTO DREAMS, CELEBRATE, BLUE SKY, THE BELIEVER….. godamn!

    The shitty part is that it’ll be overlooked by most.

  • Jaymalls

    CLASSIC SHIT RIGHT HERE! Too bad white America and black teens wit tight jeans, skate boards, and name tattoos will over look this art!

    P.S. Common is still technically G.O.O.D. Music even though he is not signed to them anymore. John Legend and No I.D. are G.O.O.D. too!

  • NickRetro

    mp doubt in my mind im coping this classic! they both speak from the soul

  • Da Business

    Looks like Com has another classic on his hands.

  • The most slept on hip hop artist, possibly of all time, but definitely of his generation. The nigga already got at least 2 classics & 3 almost right there (Resurrection, ODIAMS, LWFC, Be & FF if you keeping score)

  • G

    lol illuminati music

  • See(sic)

    My standard for a good song is at what point I got chills… 17 seconds = classic

  • King

    TD/TB>RED>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Everything else