New Music: Red Cafe “The Motto (Freestyle)”

Red Cafe is prepping the release of his new mixtape and tonight he gives us a little preview of what to expect with a new freestyle over Drizzy’s track. Hells Kitchen is coming soon.


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  • Illuminati

    Upside down cross and skill= illuminati

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  • ppppp

    wow, red cafe freestyling over the motto beat…

    what’s next, sheek louch rapping over the ima boss beat?

  • that cover was done to get attention or he his trying to tell us something

  • time4sumaction

    Now he copying Jay-Z/Kanye Iluminati stuff? He just copied french montana “coke boyz” with his own “dope boys”. he copied jeezy “snowman” with his “arm & hammer man”. Drake came singing then this non signing fool started singing. 50 cent came and he was dressing like 50 in a magazine ad and on the street. white bandana, fitted, and pistol. LOL! he even rapped like gucci mane when gucci was hot.Money Money Money. I wont even mention his Fabolous copy cat. A copycat is never gonna be successful. People see thru it. you just a fake.

  • ShadyBlack

    @time4sumaction Cafe indeed a cornball. I didn’t realize he copied that much. That faded record sounded like Drake with the singing smh! His stuff over past 2 years lacks effort. He always sounds like someone else and talking about the same stuff. Sound like he reading from a script. FAKE!

  • BkBS

    This sucks. He really fell off bad. I thought money money… was copying Lil Wayne “a milli”?

  • BkBS

    J Cole, Wale, Wiz, etc. r all selling records and dropping real lyrics. This dude still trying to be Ja Rule.


    I fucks with Red Cafe but niggas as gotten desperate, like upside down cross? SMH. Nigga done fell off.

  • Didn’t Uranium Rell(Hell Rell)Fuck this nigga shit up years ago?

  • unKut

    This sucks. He need a ghostwriter bad.

  • atron

    once again niggas tryin to act like they into art…BE YOURSELF!!!!! damn..

  • KJ

    damn didn’t know red cafe joined odd future haha get out of here you lick

  • young safo


    i never fuckd wit dude. he give off that ‘im really a herb vibe” just like ryan leslie. Now i see a upside down cross on his cover. i hope he ready 4 hell.. fuckin cornball faggot, why is he alive?

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  • wickwickwack

    wow hate over a cover …
    its the “fit in the box or fuck u day ” on rap radar

    til u hear the tape ,u cant tell if the cover makes sense
    and YES ,a cover is made to get ATTENTION

  • changeclothz

    i fux with redcafe

  • help me fuck you

    this nigga can stick the devils dick in his sacofogas lmao how ever u speel dhat shchit!

  • while yall judging the artwork, im judging the lyrics, flow and delivery. overall it was decent

  • rastamonsta

    pop champagne, money, hoes. he rap about the same thing in every song.. bad enough he sound like obie trice. he need to try and at least be original with his artwork, dress, and raps.

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    wait he aint DEAD YET?