• Jones


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  • why Royce why

    why do a song with these unknown lames? Detroit won’t be happy!!

  • @why Royce why
    Your ignorance is terrifying, especially since you are on Rap Radar….. and you don’t know about Rap AT ALL… Talib Kweli is a fucking legend, and Mistah F.A.B. is SUPER well known in the underground. Him and Royce actually beefed for a while, which I can see now that they’ve squashed it… But damn, GTFO of RR if you don’t know shit about Hip-Hop kid.

    Click on my link if u want more Hip-Hop knowledge & new music from a GREAT underground rapper.

  • Ya Boy G

    This go hard…beat is nice. Who is that on the hook?

  • t

    royce is sick on this – its kinda like BE2 mixed with Success is certain

  • t

    unknown lames hahah soulja boy probably in your top ten

  • c

    even if they were unknown they still have great verses
    its people like you that ruining royce’s fan base


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  • killzone

    Co sign ciNo

  • killzone

    Check….. SiLent KNIGHT – Craft Brewed. ……..real hip hop TRUST ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • AO


    Trailer for the new song “Martin N’ Gina” by Lagato Shine feat Mistah F.A.B.

    Produced by me.

  • dope