• the void

    i hope juicy j doesnt water down his music for these guys

  • Damn

    He Should have gone to ymcmb

  • Sam I Am

    @the void


    yeah he had so much content and lyrical prowess before he hooked up with Wiz, right?

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  • Brutally Honest

    Thank you @Sam I Am, @The Void , I give props to Paul & J have brought a great “party music” being for the home of Elvis ; but they weren’t lyrically inclined as lets say their co-horts like “Koopa, Lord Infamous, Gangsta Boo, etc” . They supplied good beats and ad-libs to their own group

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  • Oj Da Cornball

    the game done changed. a dude went gold and feels he has power to sign everyone. lol

    well, on 2nd hand this is also just a marketing thing the labels do anyway, they backing the money.
    they just capitalizing of Wiz’s buzz and use to that to generate interest in other artist while Wiz gets a cut.

    Record company pimping. Ask Ice Cube.

  • JustMyOpinion

    All this signing of veteran rappers, please don’t tell me Soulja Boy is going to sign Erick Sermon. I’m just saying.

  • RRcoolJ

    @ JustMyOpinion word…next we might hear Diggy Simmons is signing his pops. Not mad at it but the whole seems funnny and kinda backwards these days


    cosign @ojdacornbill your spot on

    just like pill. pill was already signed to warner but he was seen as deadweight. so they put him on mmg to give his career a boost.

  • the void

    @sam, i didnt know rap always had to be lyrical and convey a positive message. youre lame son. haha

  • Fah Q

    Fuck yall Juicy J a southern legend. No I ain’t being sarcastic

  • Reailty

    So what happened to Hypnotized Minds?

  • fat nigga

    Not bad

  • JohnBlack

    This reminds me of a great article I read last week written by the Thor Molecules himself discussing this recent phenomenon.


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  • Fuck that shyt

    Fuck That

  • sweatset

    wow niggaz are hustlin backwards how juicy signing to another label when he been had his own shit since the 90’s