Al Lindstrom’s 2011 Rookie Of The Year

A few weeks ago, Al Lindstrom rounded up yours truly, Combat Jack, Jayson Rodriguez, Jeff Sledge, Joe La Puma, and Neil Ceaser for his annual year-end recap. In this clip, we debated on the 2011 rookie of the year. The criteria was: “The artist who had the biggest breakout year”. Agree or disagree with our selections? Speak your piece in the comments.

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  • moveOver

    damn not tryna hate,,, but kendrick lamar got it over all dem dudes real talk

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  • Senator

    I can agree with Tyler, but I’m really surprised nobody said Kendrick Lamar. Obviously he’s not tearing up MTV (yet), but dude dropped one of the most celebrated projects in the game with Section.80, he’s been crazy consistent with his features and verses, and he’s really been responsible for pushing TDE/Black Hippy forward into the light. Honestly, Kendrick has had the entire rap-blogosphere wrapped around his little finger all year, and low-key, he’s made a pretty damn solid foundation for his career.

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  • Anon DCPL

    LMAO @ people from Cali don’t know about ASAP..I’m from LA and I’m bumping his shit!

    it’s too many dynamics to say who is the rookie. If you’re going by buzz off of releasing their first project, you gotta go with ASAP hands down.

    If your talking about someone who already established themselves through the mixtape game, you would have to go with Cole. Even tho Mac dropped a #1 independent album, I think Cole gets it off the fact that his album is stronger as a whole, and gold.

    If your going by hype, and following, Tyler def. gets that shit.

  • B.Dot

    hes doing good, but no1 mentioned him. No album and believe it or not, alot of people outside of the ‘net dont know him like that

  • Anon DCPL

    lmao @ nobody from Cali knows about ASAP. I’m from LA and I’m bumping his shit!

    anyways tho, theres too many dynamics when giving a title like this.

    If you are going off of releasing a first project, you def. have to go with ASAP. He gets that hands down.

    Then there’s the dudes who already established themselves in the mixtape game which we can put in two categories:

    1.The strength off their sales
    2.The strenght off their album release

    If you go with the former, you def. have to give it to Cole. I know Mac went number one independent, but Cole dropped the stronger album and is gold.

    If you go with the latter, hands down it has to be Kendrick. His project was the best project released all year with Saigon close behind. I’m surprised no one brought up both these guys.

    Then we can talk about hype, and following which Tyler def. takes that title.

  • Anon DCPL

    too many dynamics for rookie of the year.

    Kendrick would def. getting if you are talking about the strength off a debut project (non mixtape). His Section80 project IMO was the best all around project released ALL year, with Saigon a close second.

    If you are talking about sales, I would def. give it to Cole off the fact he had the better album and is gold. Besides the fact that Mac went #1 independent, Cole beats him on this.

    Then we can say Tyler gets it for having the most hype/following.

  • Lucky P

    aye B. Dot didn’t combat jack say fuck tyler or that tyler was done in the latest jumpoff tv video?

  • Noe

    B. Dot, please my nig, stop wearing that damn doo rag everytime you do an interview. Have you no personal pride my dude? Perhaps you think it gives you an edge, no just makes you look like you drive a 87 Toyota Corolla. Be better, do better. Put on a fade, get it tapered up.

  • B.Dot

    Fuck that. Niggas wear tight jeans and baggy sneakers. I think its ok for me to rock a piece of nylon on my head!

  • Prose

    I love / hate these end of year wrap up segments that start to run around this time of year. I know it’s inevitable that people will discuss “____ of the Year”, but whenever I see a bunch of old heads discussing “Well, the kids are fuckin wit this” and “My grandson ain’t fuckin wit THAT nigga”, i get kinda weary of that entire discussion. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the video, and am looking forward to the future segments.

  • B.Dot

    i feel ya prose..the other clips are just as dope tho.

  • Yerr

    Don’t ever in your life say people dress like that because of tyler single most disrespectful thing ever

  • Mac Miller and Tyler.

    What kids dress like Tyler by the way?? My little brother dresses like Mac Miller (who has a very different style from Tyler).

    Impact wise, Tyler and Mac are pretty even. Mac was independent and Tyler seemed like he was indy also. J. Cole is not a rookie, you can count FNL as his rookie year if this is Rocky’s rookie year.

    Like I said, Mac and Tyler are the new school dudes who have the most teenagers following them.

    Tyler seemed like a spur of the moment to me, and Mac can really rap his ass off so I’ll give it to him. Mac has no gimmicks, just live life shit and he went far on that. (Maybe even because hes white he got a little easier)

  • Cambla

    who the hell is this dude??

    Look i would be out on my ASS if this dude hadn’t showed me how to make money EVERYTIME I comment on a site I owe him 2 spread the word…

  • B.Boggz

    Either Mac or Cole. I would say Cole. I would also say cole word is the album of the year.

  • Ricky Retardo

    When did A$AP put an LP out? oh wait…

  • Cole is not a rookie for the records….meek mill should also be on dat rookie of the year nominee list…..kendrick lamar is dope but he is still a hit away it seems like only niggaz on the blogs listened to section 80 and that was a preety good listen…for mac miller…the kid can spit but i just cant relate to him…lord knows i tried…lol

  • Your Life Is a Lie

    Jeff SledgeHEAD

  • Megabkny

    J Cole is my pick……..

  • clos1881

    man its gotta be meek niggas where im from and over 21 dont fucking talk about nor listen to tyler creator

  • yzeeh

    So no Kendrick Lamar talk? smh.. thats fuck up!!! & Cole came this yr.. he’s bin floating around for a while, jus like mac & meek but he jump his debut single & album this yr which makes him a rookie…

  • Sirius, the Dogstar

    @ Kendrick Lamar has an album. …”Section 80″…..called monumental by many reviews.

    Top 3
    1.Mac Miller
    2.Tyler the Creator
    3.Kendrick Lamar

    Cole was out and known WIDELY since late 09′, and you guys seemed to only care about albums so Mill is #4(interchangeable with 3, though). Close call: Big K.R.I.T. and Freddie Gibbs

  • Sirius, the Dogstar

    …And A$AP Rocky ties with Mill at # 4

  • the void

    im my opinion you cant really crown somebody “rookie of the year” until they actually have an official album. not that im saying ablum sales matter either. but at the same time j cole has been putting out mixtapes for a while but asap is just recently getting known. i dont think you can consider both of them rookies. what about yelawolf? is he a rookie? i would think so.

  • Tyler really?! This year?! Who have you seen dressing like dude?! He dress like somebodies grandpop infact, he dresses like Pop from The Wayans Bros. Nobody wears Supreme for real. Yo only wears it cause its free. I respect what he has done and the OFWGKTA movement.

    Mac Miller — I dont like his music at all ( he makes Asher Roth sound like Eminem for real) but you gotta respect his sales on that indie shit.

    Kendrick making moves but its not on the scale of the others. He raps better than them all but this music BUSINESS aint even about the music anymore.

    A$AP — he is building. Nobody can really pick out any of those A$AP dudes.

    Machine Gun Kelly had a good year .


  • I woulda gave it to The Weeknd. I can see why ya’ll picked Tyler tho. He literally went from nobody to winning a VMA in months… I’d a thrown Lil B in the conversation, but dudes been on TV since 06 even though he was a freshman in XXL & is selling out shows around the country. Fuck it My Rookie of the Year (after the Weeknd) is Lil B the BasedGod.

  • Cadet

    I can dig.

  • KoldCase

    fuck it j cole and kendrick rookies of the year

  • phraynkhp

    tyler all day i would say asap rocky but he hasnt been a whole year yet…

  • KoldCase

    mac and machine gun had great years too

  • phraynkhp

    @Drag u trippen, have u been to shows? (any HIP HOP show this year) kids r dressing like tyler even weezy gettin his ace on. basedgod should win for they way he changed the game tho (whoop, swag, cooking dance, beats, flooding the market with mass amounts of videos songs, everybody was copying off lil b in 2011

  • M.T

    If ur talking from a mainstream success and buzz standpoint, then j Cole gets that. If ur talking about an artist who just came out of nowhere and gained a following quickly, then It is Tyler.

  • Sam I Am

    Hilarious how everyone collectively went “ehhhhh” when B.Dot said Mac Miller. Whats up with you guys throwing the word “Legend” around like 25 cent sodas and shit? “Indie Legend”? Nigga got one #1 that quickly dropped sales wise afterwards, the sales are meager, and the content worse, and you brand this kid Legend? And dont get me started on “Youtube Legend”. The Numa Numa dude and the Chocolate Rain dude are more qualified to be called “Youtube Legend” than ASAP. Not taking anything away from him, but c’mon son.

    and you guys based your choice off of Looks? *facepalm* I’m not a fan of Cole like that, but you got to give it to him. First signee off Roc Nation to go gold, had #1 album. Had crazy hype and talent to back it.

  • drama

    And the winner is….. A nigger

  • VERN

    ARE YOU GUYS HONESTLY NOT GOING TO CONSIDER KENDRICK LAMAR!!!!!!!?????? BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR! Smh. this was a joke right? Tyler OVER Kendrick?

  • Mike hunt

    A $AP, A Fuckin $AP , put no fear in my fuckin heart!!
    A- lWAYS
    …… I be that pretty motha fucker

  • It’s gotta be Tyler, The Creator and the OF crew. My evidence is as follows…

  • Shotta Dru

    Same way Cole is not considered a rookie Kendrick is in the same boat Section 80 isn’t his 1st project and how is Meek rookie with a hit street single and features on the MMG album. Tyler is a solid choice IMO

  • I’d agree with you B. Dot. Mac Miller, as much as I’d like to think otherwise, is definitely Rookie Of The Year. Completely independent, millions of YouTube hits, and a #1 album.

  • DJ Semtex’s Prosthetic’s right. but i gotta respect al lindstroms point, coles been out too long for rookie, asap is cool but this is not his year at all


    All these guys are a bunch of sucka duck leeching ass washed up record promoters who do blogs because they can’t rape myspace rappers for their money anymore.

    GTFOH. Go get a real job. Music is over for you lames.

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  • How does Kendrick Lamar not get mentioned.
    Bogus. Section 80 Arguably best album of the year.

  • I’m just glad that you all didn’t give it to J.Cole. “No disrespect, but…” [lol] that would be like Blake Griffin stealing the ROY award from John Wall [if your into sports at all].
    I would listen to a Cole record over a Tyler record. But, Tyler is god to these high school fad kids. Even self-proclaimed “best rapper alive” Tune is heavily influenced by Tyler. Even though we’d like to believe that Weezy had that style-set in the unused portion of his brain; Tyler almost validated it for him. I’ve never been in Tyler’s presence. I was able to catch Mac live a few times. And the small obscure cities [Buffalo, NY] he sells out 5k+… I’ll let Tyler run with this one though. [lol].

  • well…

    When you think about it, Childish Gambino could kinda be in the discussion. After EP, he got SIGNED and dropped a retail album- one that at least digitally, hung with Drake in first-week numbers. Cipha/Rosenberg co-sign…I know, I know, no one listens to CG, he should stick to his other stuff, blah blah blah…
    *Drake voice* I’m just sayin…

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  • JustJeff

    i agree..Kendrick should have at least been an option.. i mean i love tylers music..but personally Kendrick’s i believe should be above all them. thats just my opinion but everyone has their opinion.