New Music: Young Jeezy Ft. Fabolous & Jadakiss “OJ”

Jeezy swung by Hot 97 this evening and gave Flex the okay to premiere a personal favorite featuring Loso and Kiss. Hold ya head Orenthal. TM:103, December 20th.

UPDATE: Ski masks on fellas. It’s video time. Pic via Steve-O.

UPDATE 2: Dirty version.

UPDATE 2: Your OJ now with no pulp tags

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  • its gonna be a cold cold christmas

  • I haven’t heard not one good song from this Nigga yet!

  • This nigga is gonna Flop harder than Vlade Divac.

  • IDontGAF

    Tm 103 may be his worst project yet, God forgives i dont >>>>>

  • Get Real

    Imma need this guy to either push his release date up or just leak the whole album already b/c w/ this song half of the album is damn near on the net anyway. #whywouldIbuyitnow

    Dope track tho.

  • toad3527

    @GetReal why would an artist leak his own album? this isnt a mixtape project just for promotion, this is his real deal album.

  • TOO-BE 45

    You niggas cant be serious??? This shit is hot as fuck! lol dont know what the fuck yall listenin to.

  • saff

    awesome song hot !!! hot beatz !! <3<3 it s jeezy year haters

  • TM103

    go snow it s your year homei !!! and fu*** god forgive i dont is pushed back and there is no date hahaha def jam they put officer ricky on frizer hahahaha TM103 on way haters keep talking shit cause JIZZLE wont care !!

  • @IDontGAF

    Yeah If GFID gonna be so great why Ross doesn’t even have a release date or any hot singles?

  • TOO-BE 45

    This song hot as fuck. Dont know what yall talkin bout.

  • RealHipHopBack

    This some shit

  • dro

    straight riding music….I can go from miami to tallahassee in the f150 listening to this

  • Hey IDontGAF

    lol wheres a release date 4 god forgivez i dont @ ?

  • WhySoSerious

    The Homie Rozay got a hot track with Jay-z, matter of fact the hottest track this year. Yall be on the look out for that.

  • IDontGAF

    Because hes enduring health problems and ummm what hot single does jeezy have at this moment ? Nigga put 2 chainz and future on the album, two fags that people wont be relevant next year.

  • Sonny Carson Jr.

    If Game sold 97k his first week, Jeezy doesn’t stand a chance and I haven’t heard TM 103 yet and I know its not no where close to being better then R.E.D.

  • percy

    i wish i could fucking punch flex for that annoying as shit he tags on these songs, and i fuck wit jeezy but God Forgives i dont>>

  • IDontGAF

    am i mistaken but Didnt jeezy go through 10 pushbacks along with 10 failed singles?

  • Whowantwhat

    I see niggas love

  • CoolC

    the white people on here lmao who even listens to the game lmfao….i dont kno one person that still fucks wit that nigga..but n/e wayz tm103 12/20 i see ross got a bunch of u kids brain washed lmfao

  • Black Shady

    This is actually good.
    jeezy will still catch a brick tho

  • seanj


    I DO



  • William roberts

    Jizzle will prob sell 70k first week.

  • Hey IDontGAF

    Nah nah nah he announced GFID after he dropped Teflon Flop he had all that time to work on his album

  • Ross made a remix to ballin!!

    3 gold plaques to match my gold watch ungh

  • IDontGAF

    One pushback whereas jeezy pushed his wack shit back legit 10 times lmao.

  • @Hey IDontGAF Teflon Don sold 188,000 copies….U fail!

    Jeezy is garbage!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This joint is str8. William L. Roberts STANS are getting scared.

  • BOSS

    Yall Niggaz Don’t Undastand Business At All Jeezy Will Do At Least 100k First Week But It Will Probably Be Ard 350k A lot Of Niggaz Dat Buy His Shit Do Do The Internet And Shit

  • guys stop

    Why can’t you enjoy Rozay and Jizzle? They’re both great artist. I support both and believe I’m buying 2 coppies of TM103(iTunes and hard) and the same thing with GFID. I’m not that type of person that if one guy hate the other guy I hate them too. So that being said this track is straight fire! Can’t wait for the 20th!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    William isn’t a dope boy he’s a donut boy.

  • macDieselsassistantCory

    Hood niggas dont buy dont albums…..80k at most first week, yall jeezy stans delusional. If game can sell 90k, jeezys irrelevant ass wont come close

  • macDieselsassistantCory

    *dont buy albums

  • Word

    103! This shit is hard but maybe once I hear everything ALL AT ONCE I will appreciate the album more. Hearing all these songs off the album randomly aint really making me like the album much. Just the individual songs. I wanna hear the album COLLECTIVELY.

  • Jeezy been garbage lol,why u think it took three years for this album to drop hahahahahaha

  • WhySoSerious

    Yall haters sleeping on the Boss!!, that track with Hov ain’t no joke.

  • Officier down!

    Thug motivation 101 sold 1 million and so did inspiration and recession

    Ross can’t even get to that level

  • Milli

    song is hot lody got u niggas.

  • County of Kings

    none of yall fuck boys even talked about the fuckin song.
    this shit go hard, that beat is bonkers!!!

  • Officier down!





  • BOSS

    In Yo City Hood Niggaz Don’t Buy Albums But We Gwttin Money Round Here Its Nothin To Go Get 10 Copies Homie And Aint Nobody Drop Dis Year Dat Hood Niggaz Fuck Wit Anyway Jeezy Fans Always Show Up Nigga

  • macDieselsassistantCory

    Lmao black people dont buy albums, the white demographic buy albums so he aint selling shit because jeezy isnt on the radio rotation nor is he on tv = IRRELEVANT. Jeezy gonna push fat joe numbers and ross wins again

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  • @macDieselsassistantCory

    i hear “i do” on the radio and he was on tv he was on FUSE and 106 & Park


    that nigga jeezy done…..microwave beep

  • wtf

    i see the name “macDiesel” a lot and one day ur a jeezy fan then next day ur not?

  • del rio

    jeezy done….he should go back and trap in atlanta, no one would care

  • the void

    nice. cant wait for TM 103.

  • based god

    (F)ake (A)ss (M)otherfuckers (E)nvy most of you fit the description.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass


  • fuck me lisa ann

    not one comment about the song. jeezy dickriders and ross stans, facepalm smh. can yall just enjoy the music ? song is dope btw.

  • CoolC

    the niggas that dont fuck wit jeezy say mac miller is god fuck outta of here tm101 double platinum 102 platinum recession platinum and he did crazy numbers with hood niggas buying his album and why is the game even in this convo i dont kno one person tht even said shit about the red album real shit this nigga wants the game to live on lmfao

  • JustMyOpinion

    “I look at the world through a kings eye.”

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  • Aggie Pride

    I Listen 2 it 3 x’s. This a straight song. It shouldn’t be released as a single. But its good for an album filler. I can picture myself riding to dis @ night.

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  • ireland

    whats with the ski mask fuck that people die where im from is that entertainment to you americans is that a show of hardness try live in my area some one run with a ski mask dead

  • ireland

    we live with i.r.a gangs our drug gangs run europe you will not mess around here

  • Black Shady

    I fuckz with this

    but Jeezy still gonna catch one hell of a brick

  • this shit is hard!

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  • you young cats is crazy. do you honestly believe some of the stuff you write on these sites?

  • the beat sound like old nas song from the track about him killing somebody sleeping with his wife we know that beat in nigerian but banging though they just put a twist on it mayne

  • JeezyTM103
  • ReadBetween

    To that one dude Jeezy fux wit Game so your an idiot and so does Ross.
    Tracks are dope I just don’t think Its gonna do wonders by any means.

  • BOSS

    Can’t Wait Till Dis Nigga Do Like 350k And Shut U Suburban Kids Tha Fuck Up Aint 1 Nigga Put A Album Out Dis Year Dat Real Niggaz Fuck Wit PERIOD!!

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  • Real is Real

    The Real is Back, TM103 Let’s Get IT… This song is Fire, what the hell did yall hear.. Jeezy Doing the Damn thang.

  • Chosen One 11

    Fab fucks the song up to me

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  • Real is Real

    This Song is Fire this that rider music. TM103 Let’s Get It!!!!

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  • iHustle

    I Fx with this joint ryte here #TM103 ya heard!

  • the young brown

    aaaaaa yall so stupid…he do this every year….meaning when his album come out he put out tracks….these big time guys like wayne and jayz…come out with only a few weeks left till the album drops…balling was on alot of mixtapes…..basicly im saying look at all the tapes starting with trapping aint dead….and tell me you cant find album quality…stop talking stupid….and hood niggas dont buy albums…naw that aint true….broke cheap mother fuckers dont buy albums….lol….stop making….lame cases for your artist sales….jeezy always sale good…ross would do better but the whole officer thang jus ruined him alot…..yeah he put out good shit…but people always hold it against em…but good luck for them both… and fuck you haters

  • donnied

    fallen off rappers unite

  • LKBZ

    Not bad..

  • Kloud_9

    If Jizzle done that nigga Ross never got started. Ross make up shit in a whole bunch of lines, but its the real shit you get when bust down Jizzle lines. I wish people would just stop hopping on the cat wit that hottest buzz at the time. Jezzy ain’t dropped a album in 3 years but yet he’s still the topic of everyones Hip-Hop convo??? How many albums that fat fuck released in the last 3 years and what the album sales looking like. No comparison!!! TM:103 on the way!!! It’s the world bitch!!!

  • j/y h/h

    Beat is cold! Too bad it was wasted on Jeezy. At least Kiss went in.

  • CoolC

    the streets love jeezy but the internet always hate idk why this shit is so funny i dont kno one street nigga tht would say rss was better then jeezy