New Video: Diggy Simmons x Jeremih “Do It Like You”

Young Mr. Simmons is in love. Ain’t that sweet. And for his latest video featuring Jeremih, Diggy hits the amusement park with his young tender roni. Debut album coming soon.

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  • The Truth

    Great video and nice song. Diggy making better music then your favortie rapper.

  • John John


  • Collar Cali

    Luv it! I want lil Diggy to BLOW UP! He’s a good kid. Jeremih did his thing 2.

  • Brooklyn

    Kid gets more pussy than niggas like Wale and Jo Jo.

  • Walker

    Cool video

  • No Hate

    This lil’ nigga doing his thing. I’m proud of dude. The hook is dope.

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  • Bizness

    We need a Album. He the future!

  • Alicia Keys

    Aww cute

  • Kunta Kente

    This is a dope video

  • Mr. Nice Watch

    I’m feeling this

  • Shots Fired

    He singing now? Well the song hot. But the why he pick the ugly girl to fuck wit lmfao…

  • Luke

    This shit go hard

  • Luke

    This Shit goes hard

  • Oj da Cornball

    Still can’t get over the fact how sick JoJo is now a days. lol

    Jeremiah looking like Puff Daddy always. lol

  • rude boy

    they dont suck that hot dog like you!!

  • Sirius, the Dogstar

    This kid is doing it, right now. “Not because I got it, cause I want to; that makes all the difference.”

    That line was sick( sounds like something Drake would say, and how he’d say it too :). That singing was surprising. He ain’t the next Bow, but he is the next teen phenom.

  • Truth

    the more this nigga succeeds, the stupider jo jo looks. lol “the meg of the simmons family”. he is on a roll with the fails.

  • Barack Obama

    Hip-Hop is in good hands.

  • $WIZZ MillZ

    Jo Jo is the black sheep of the Simmons family. I can’t lie Diggy got fucking talent.

  • Brotha Man

    Alot of older dudes can take notes from this nigga. S/O to Diggy for being himself.

  • Nigga In Paris

    Feel Good Music. I Fucks With This.

  • RK

    Astro and Diggy are the future of Hip-Hop.

  • Tysonz

    This shit Gay, this nigga lame All these comments are spamed by Diggy how ironic they all one minute apart then drastically just end

  • Tysonz

    Who using my handle? Diggy the best rapper under 21.

  • New Hip Hop


  • Dino

    On some real shit…the nigga sounded and looked real zesty today on 106 and park…I’m gay and he had my gaydar going hard than a muthafucka…… he is a downlo nigga out of all them kids rev run has to have a gay kid…. diggy is sweeert than a muthafucka… Jeremiah is already been called out…. Why dont that nigga have a gf? 17 yrs old and no bitch?

    Downlo List..

    Bow Wow
    Method Man
    Lil Wayne

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  • bullfrog24

    Tysonz says:
    Wednesday, December 07 2011 at 11:14 PM EST
    This shit Gay, this nigga lame All these comments are spamed by Diggy how ironic they all one minute apart then drastically just end
    As soon as a dude hears a chord progression and some singing they wanna talk about how gay something is.

  • Sense

    Yeah these comments look liked they’ve been spammed hard. This is some bubblegum pussy-pop bullshit and people acting like they just heard the greatest thing of all time. SMH.

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  • Jo Jo Simmons

    A nigga finally gets all good reviews and it hatin ass niggas say its spam. Damn I swear niggas don’t want see nobody win.

  • Blok Gang

    I’m feeling this song right now! Always said Diggy had the skills from ‘First Flight’, but is it just me or does this just look like Ja Rule – Mesmerised Video, plus homie singing like Ja! I ain’t hating or nothing, dope track!

  • Dat Ninja DB

    Like they say the apple don’t fall to far from the tree,I look for him to be on top and legendary like his daddy. this is how a youngin is supposed to do it….

  • W Stylez

    Shouts out to the lil homie for being Mature and respecting a woman and having talent… Rev raised him right… Now Unless some of you ignorant kids on here commenting dont have a mom then I understand… Lessons to be learn about respect and everything aint gangsta… Most people who are entertained by Gangsta music are usually the ignorant ones who are not gangsta at all … So they need gangsta rap to make them feel powerful – FOH

  • Omg im a big fan of diggy i think of him every day.but im just talkin i would be shy if i meet him doe

  • Omg i jus watched copy paste and otha vids dat diggy be not obsessed wit him but i no a couple things about him.idc wat no 1 say dats my future hubby:real stuff

  • Ily diggy simmons u 1 of tha best rapperz out here u should make a song called dream girl just for me