• johnro

    the roots be showing they ass on Jimmy kimmel
    …i swear i wouldn’t be on this site as much anymore http://t.co/6VIdhOz ..if i wasn’t making money every time I commented…

  • Cory

    daaaaaaaaaamn they went in at the end tho

  • MJ

    Hip Hop + Live Instrumentation Performance=At least one album sale (Me)

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  • Listened to Undun today at the gym. I like it. It’s the first Roots album I ever heard (I know I’m late) and it’s pretty good.

  • tr


  • John

    I love the album and Bilal and the Band are so intense…I love it!!!!

    By the way tell Bilal he should go back and work with ?uestlove and the remnants of Soulquarians, it would be Champagne to the ears