50 Cent Speaks On New Artist & Mixtape

From inside the G-Unit office, 50 spoke on his latest signee Paris and his new Big 10 project. The tape will be available tomorrow at 12 pm. Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg seems to like it.

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  • Dan

    50 DA BOSS


    I’ve heard this tape & y’all going to like it. Expect a SHADY/Aftermath/ G-Unit Year 2012!

    Obie’s Album In January!
    Slaughterhouse Album in March!
    Detox In May!
    50’s New Album in JULY.
    D12 New Album In September!
    & Expect a new Solo Album From me in December!

    – Marshall


    d12 trash
    obie trash
    detox aint never coming out

    all you had to say was 50 slaughterhouse banks and eminem thats it

  • poetic assasin

    Obie back on shady ?

  • lets see if he takes over again for the new year.

    _Hit Me For Beats

  • White dawg

    Cracker dick approves thos post

  • brooklyn

    about time he signed Precious Paris….I got some old music from when she was working with us and DJ Rhude

  • dan

    omg eminem is on rapradar.com . its defiantly him and there is no way someone just wrote eminems name in the box, and giving fake release dates.

  • Anon DCPL

    lmao @ Dan.

    I’ll be looking for this shit…the SK joints were hot.

  • probably gonna be wack…fuck finding new artists just work with yayo and banks this nigga forgot about them

  • room2roam

    not a fan but respect for his humanitarian efforts.. his music is awful tho

  • Black Shady

    Rosenbergradio Peter Rosenberg
    I’m always saying that I want @50cent to bring back that old mean 50..well I just heard his new tape…he’s baaaaaack!!!! Wow

    ok now I rreally wanna hearrrrr!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    business mogul !

  • Queens Ryder

    That nigga buggin he should have signed Ava Dinera she from Queens and she is a beast…50 wheres your business mind at I checked out Paris she ight

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