50 Cent The Big 10 Cover

Broken glass everywhere! But before Curtis shatters the ‘net with his mixtape tomorrow, here’s a look at its front display. Peep the first of 10 here.


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  • Brad

    Can’t wait. Basic cover, nothing too crazy, I like it. Hopefully the music handles the rest.

  • Zzz…zzz…

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  • Ghetto Techno

    The enforcer!

  • DAstan


  • lazy fuck

    50 do us a favor and please stop rapping

  • chargo

    hopefully he delivers…
    …Look i would be out on my ASS if this dude hadn’t showed me how to make money EVERYTIME I comment on a site http://ow.ly/7R7hf ..so I owe him 2 spread the word…

  • GTboy

    give me the same shit as your streetking series and we cool bro …

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nice !

  • County of Kings

    i feel like this dude is just against creativity on all ranges. step out your box curtis cuz the box u been in isnt working. the cover doesnt make me think his music will be creative or new or anything. its bland, and it makes me feel like the music will be bland as well. u can be gangsta gutter and still creative wit it.

  • Tru Talk

    Can’t wait to see if Fif got it or not.. I have a feelin this shits gonna be crazy tho

  • WhiteNigga

    11 more hrs bitches!!!!! This gon be straight heat, just a preview to the album that’s dropping soon, just watch!!!

  • Rajon chrondo

    Its just a mixtape. Curtis doesn’t give a fuck about the cover I bet

  • bylaw99

    You niggas thats hating is gonna be the same niggas thats gonna disappear from commenting once he gets busy. The difference between 50 and other rappers is he gives you so much material for you to critique unlike Jay-Z, Eminem who keep all their studio joints hidden. 50 just gives it to you free. 50 hasnt released an album thats been wack..it may not be better than the one before but to say its completely wack would be straight out hate.

  • Lux Aeterna

    Looking forward to this!

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