New Music: Red Cafe Ft. Trey Songz, Wale & J.Cole “Fly Together (Remix)”

And after the original, it’s probably this. This evening, Red Cafe keeps his Rolodex in arm’s reach and finds Trey, Wale and J.Cole this go-round. This. Is. The remix. Hell’s Kitchen is on it’s way!


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  • yo


  • unKut

    why waste wale and j cole on a soft r&b song like this? this cafe dude don’t know what he doin. those are spitters. get them on a hard hip hop record not this weak song.

  • Yung Silv

    original hook was way better by r les

  • the void

    haha dirty money. puffy already kicked them to the curb. red cafe is next followed by french montana and then mgk.

  • Wasn’t feeling this.

  • yo

    uh….someone stole my name? thought it was pretty theft-proof. anyway.

    thought wale’s verse was whack. this is coming from a wale fan.

  • Smoove

    Wale really starting to urk me…weak. Cole and Red!

  • Word

    Only listened to this verse for the Wale and Cole verse. Good shit from both of em.

  • wickwickwack

    lmao …this is a nice remix
    smh @ people who feel the need to point out that only listened because of wale and cole like red got aids or something
    btw they aint no hard spitters

  • Crew Love

    Cole was niceeee on this one.
    smooth track

    fuck those who think you must only do hard hip hop records when you a spitter.
    “hard hip hop” gtfo

  • Steems

    Tired of hearing try songs…Cafe u couldve spit a better verse…mad ppl on this track and u didnt do the song no justice…if i was Ryan leslie, i wouldnt deal with u anymore for messing up a good song…….Steems

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  • jo

    No liee cole did his things again
    Red cafe is full of shit

  • uptown_nwdc

    decent remix…cole a good addition. wale’s verse, well same flow as every other verse Ive heard.

  • kee

    i wish red cafe wasnt on this it shoulda be trey cole and wale …it woulda been a hit then

  • kee

    cole verse is addicting

  • j/y h/h

    Am I the only one that hates hearing R&B niggas trying to be gangster?! Soft niggas GTFOH!

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  • this remix is pretty dope actually

  • trey did too much

  • hopper

    good stuff.