New Music: Slim Thug Ft. Kirko Bangz, L.E.$. & Mug “She Likes My Car”

Slim likes fast cars. But loves faster chicks even more. With that being said, Slim pulls into the lot with his usual suspects for today’s Thug Thursday track. Happy parkin’ lot pimpin’ guys.

Last Week:U Of H Fight” Ft. Bun B x Paul Wall

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  • Chan

    This was a genius move by Slim Thug doing the Thug Thursday tracks. I will admit I have slept on slim thug in the past. I started thinking about it today. I think that during the 2005-2006 period when Houston got a lot of television/mainstream appeal, many of the talented TX rappers got blended in with the shitty TX rappers. Good example of this is the Still Tippin video. You had Mike Jone, Slim Thug, and Paul Wall all make their television premier for that song. Clearly Mike Jones name was the biggest nationwide and he got more recognition. Mike Jones sucks, so therefore many people slept on Slim Thug and Paul Wall for this reason. People thought that if Mike Jones album was shit, why even bother listening to the other two guys records. Well Paul Wall was making a lot of noise at the time because for one he is white and two for the grills. Slim Thug was sort of pushed aside. After listening to all of the Thug Thursday tracks, I have gone back and started listening to all three of his albums. I love rap music in general. I love rap music from every genre. Slim Thug is now one of my top Houston rappers. I can’t wait for a new album. Also the mans very intelligent. I like his financial advise he gives in his raps. I says in I Run, that he is writing a book. I would love to read it if its true. Many people who comment on this site do not really have a good understanding for the music itself. I feel that I do. That being said, Fuck Rick Ross, Slim Thug is the real BOSS!

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