New Music: 50 Cent “I Just Wanna” x “Queens, NY”

The Big 10 arrives in just three hours and a few tracks have already surfaced. Below is a track featuring Yayo and then Fif reps his borough with his new artist, Paris.

“I Just Wanna” Ft. Tony Yayo

“Queens, NY” Ft. Paris

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  • es

    Cant Wait For This To Drop

  • I can’t wait for this shit! I can imagine that “Wait until tonight” is gonna flip Kci and JoJo in some way and its gonna be dope as shit.



  • Your mother’s “friend”

    Meh, i think it’s safe to say 50 doesn’t have it anymore , oh well he had a great run

  • carlukio55555

    Man that shit is crazy !

  • Ricky Retardo

    ^^^ you didn’t listen

  • Lux Aeterna

    CRAZY dope! 50’s on some serious shit. Can’t wait till the full mixtape drops!


    whats with 50’s “yehh” growls…shit sounds stupid as fuck.
    I miss the hungry Fif… aside from that shit its ok

  • Would be nice if banks was on there. Did and whoo kid shout start up g-unit radio again. Get a buzz for these unknown artist.

  • chilleymost

    i just wanna is,,cool,,,,,,queens is ,,,,eeh,,,,,,,,,

  • oiboy

    pretty good

    but on the real this sort of music aint popular with the kids they used to that soft stuff so they aint gonna like it even if its hot

  • One thing I don’t understand about most Hiphop female rappers is majority of then never sound Feminine enough.They always sound like dudes.I’m a Unit fan,but I’m not feeling this Paris chick.

  • my opinion

    DRUGS!!!! Congrats on the beat placement!!

    I heard this beat at a beat battle in Raleigh NC. Shit was stupid then and its damn near retarted now with 50 on it!

  • poetic assasin

    That queens track is beast and i don’t even fuck with 50 like that. Paris need to write her own shit or not flow like old 50

  • mjack2011

    That Queens shyt is bleeding New York Hip Hop to the fullest !!!! that fucking video shot in Brooklyn will be ridiculous

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF !!! Southside stand up its the UNIT. Yayo i see you homie. Theses joints are nice. No sappy love songs, no skateboarding over here.

  • bylaw99

    50 cant win for loosing, both these songs sound dope and had any other artist like a French Montana, J.Cole or RedCafe would of dropped this cats would be eating it up. This sounds as good as anything else out right now thats not YMCMB or MMG!

  • Sense

    I swear my last comment got ethered for no reason unless it turns up again. Anyway the Queens track is beastly, that Paris girl is hard and 50 needs to stop singing but imma download this ish.

  • bylaw99

    On some real ish..this that NYC grimey shit I f**ks with and Im from the Midwest. We dont do that How To Love or Marvins Room over here.

  • dumb niggas these days

    How on earth could a nigga possibly hate on this shit, so fucking hard

  • shaolin

    PARIS is serious…..reminds me of the younger lil KIM….

  • PrincePolo

    Queens sounds really good . and that chick Paris sounds like lil kim 4 real .

  • lito

    going hard on this softies lol

  • GI JOE

    The “I Just Wanna” track is the business. Mixtape 50 back?

  • 1penny

    He so dead… Fiddy coming back to the biz is a major fail… cover looks shit n stuff… its over because i´m feelin soulja way more than 50… and i hate lil gay boy soulja…

  • Black Shady

    “I Just Wanna” : shit is fire. this is that shit! Wish there was a Banks verse on it

    “Queens” : grimey feel. Paris can spit

    Out of the 3 tracks out…50 is doing good. Nothing WOW but this is a good sign. But how come u dont have a verse from ur best artist Banks on the whole tape? damn…

  • PrincePolo

    wtf is up with fiftys mixtape download link ?

  • Real Deal

    Paris sounds like Babs Bunny from Da Band. 2 good tracks from Fif. Might have to dl the new mixtape

  • Customed Kid

    Shit is ight nigga shoulda signed Ava Denera she rocks with the unit so idk why he didn’t sign her. that bitch is bad for real