• JustMyOpinion

    “When the DJs think they’re bigger stars than the artists
    Riding around in Ferraris doing more A & Ring than the A & R’s” – Royce Da 5’9

  • oiboy

    Only in hip hop

    Anything with dj arabs voice on is a fail

  • nyg718


  • mac DIESEL fanbase


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  • Dat Ninja DB

    WTF radio personalities (disc jockeys) wanna be artist now,smh and mah fah nuckas is wondering why the game is so f*@ked up…

  • ayoooo

    khaled says hes gunna talk life on this? then why does he go and spit about cars and money. This is the exact reason why the game is so fucked up right now. smmfh….

  • Black Shady

    LOL the funny thing is DJs aint ballin like that…unless they’re affiliated to some big artists (Whoo Kid, Khaled,..)

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  • the great zeee

    this the wackest shit i ever heard. THIS THE WACKEST SHIT I EVER HEARD. Why are these dude even rapping. WHY ARE THESE DUDES EVEN RAPPING.


    This Shit Sucks!! Kay Slay Is One Foot In The Retirement Home!
    Plus He Always Tries To Act Hard! Fucking Dork!!

  • ill Will

    This is some funny shit. Khaled, seriously? Saying you’re better than most rappers and then spitting a verse that weak isn’t going to go a long way in proving you’re better than most rappers. Kay Slay… I have love (no homo) for you and your Streetsweeper mixtapes, but chill on the rapping. As for Doo Wop, ok you can hold your own. Kudos. But Drama chatting shit doesn’t help this track. Using a Jay-Z sample, “WHAT MORE CAN I SAY?”

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    You Mad?^^

  • R

    2 words 4 this `funny shit!!!!

  • Can’t front, Doo Wop was good. If you didn’t know he was a DJ you would officially say he can spit.

    Khaled sounded like practically any other rapper in the game, mad average… but that shows that he isn’t an embarrassment on the song.

    What was embarrassing is Kay Slay. He was the one who clearly kept it real and wrote his own raps. He must have done, because he could have got Papoose or one of those guys to at least make the rhymes sound like they came from the same century as us… instead he opted to go for his own penmanship and deliver the listener a rhyme style that sounds like he went to school with Kool Moe Dee’s older brother, and couldn’t get put on because a YOUNG Kool Moe Dee thought he sounded too dated!

    This crew should go up against the Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five… Now that would be a battle.I’d pay to see… Well maybe not pay, but I’ll definitely read about the victor on Rap Radar… Well maybe not read about the victor exactly, but definitely hear about the victor on Rap Radar… Well maybe not hear about- aww Just stop it already!

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  • Bong

    Doo Wop only agreed to do this because he knew how easily he could outrap the rest.

  • John

    Doo Wop is an originator check his resume, he’s been a rapping DJ for years and years…NY sh*t…
    He’s the only one standing on his own two…Khaled…being bearded and fat…doesn’t make you a BAWSE….

  • Collar Cali

    Truth. He was actually ok.

  • The Mak

    My god Khaled was godawful. Fake fuck. And next time try not to make it obvious officer ross wrote your lines