• Black Shady

    So them niggas on the same label that used to have the legend Biggie? lol shit is crazy -__-

    Lets see how long till one of the new signees go blame diddy on the radio for their flopping career. Some old shit Just a different artist lol

  • Black Shady

    LMAO @ the “BLACKOUT”!! I heard the diss…but never saw the canibus apology video LOL this is the funniest shit everrrrrrrrrrr. HAHAH CANIBUS LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    that did not look like a bottle of ciroc fab had in his hand

    he lucky diddy wasnt there… or he would have been stripped of his 20k sponsorship deal

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  • Delic

    The fuck is this shit? Tired of this whack ass music with no content, no passion and no fucking message. where’s the genuine souljers at?
    Give me that Makaveli level type shit. Can’t find it no where and I ain’t got time to dig for it in this meaningless rap jungle where POP RAP has become mainstream and has taken over the original HIP HOP rap that was centered in the struggle.

    niggaz sign a deal and make a huge announcement as if it means something. throw a party trying to give it meaning, but the music itself is the same shit we’ve been flooded with so much people accept it.

    “nothing but busters n bitches be rocking beats, faking fame”

  • unKut

    Damn. Another story that don’t even mention Red Cafe… yet again! He is clearly in these pics/videos with other artists and they never mention him. Does anyone care?

  • jimmyjo

    nobody likes Red cafe i guess…smh
    …In honor of Steve Jobs Death http://goo.gl/g84kM Apple giving away iPads 4 next 24hrs only.. I GOT 2 LOL

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    Hahaha this Watergun dude is such a gimmick.

  • lonely

    call me Steve-O…….IMMA WILD BOY….what did MGK whisper at the end about that girl???


    MGK is dope… red cafe and french suck, well cafe is decent.

  • must be embarrassing to have to roll with MGK jeggins wearin ass……Team is looking week..

  • Killzone

    @ Delic check out SiLent KNIGHT bro!!!!! hes SUBSTANCE