New Mixtape: Jon Connor Season 2

It’s better to give than to receive this holiday season. With that said, Jon Connor donates his new mixtape, Season 2. Take a look at the tracklist and download link after the cut.

01. Someone Like Me
02.  No Thrillz
03.  Inside of You
04. The Boom Bap Symphony
05. Place on Earth
06.  A Night in The City Co-Starring Caas Swi…
07. Love Me Now
08. Smokers Break Starring Caas Swift & …
09. Champion of Life
10. Ones (Strip Club Crush)
11.  Fli City’s Finest Co-Starring Blue City …
12.  Everything Co-Starring Josh Holleman &am…
13. Gonna Make it Co-Starring Freeway
14. Church on The Move Co-Starring Glc, Caas…
15. Just Paper
16.  Goody Girls Co-Starring Lia Mack, Brando…
17. Saginaw Street Chronicles
18.  In a Lifetime
19. True Colors
20. Go Back
21.  No Apologies
22.  BONUS – The Peoples Rapper Demo

Download here

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  • Mike

    this cover art is so fucking weak. wont be downloading it off of that alone.

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  • This nigga is nice bur he’s basic and generic

  • Hudes

    Amazing rapper. Gets so many co signs

    2012 is his year

  • Mase


  • 2 chainz son

    mark my words, u will deal wit this dude down the line, one of the best

  • The Best

    xxl 2012 freshmen, promise that!

  • FloridaBoy

    this cover art is so fucking weak. wont be downloading it off of that alone.

    Fucking Geek

  • M.S.

    This shit is MAd ILLLLLLLLL everybody check out this guys website

  • Sc_R

    Niggas worried about a cover? Jon Connor nice far from generic or basic. They don’t even really be listening

  • J P

    Jon Connor made me believe in Hip Hop AGAIN!!!

  • love this shit for the most part. dude has proved he’s lyrical, and can tear up beats.

    only thing I don’t like are some of those corny, well-known 80s samples…ha.

  • Jed

    How Can You Not Like Dude

  • tynee sims

    this Jon Connor mixtape goes so hard, iI literally had an eargasm!

  • This is the best artist Ive heard all year!!!!!!! Ma dude Jon Connor deserves this XXL 2012 Freshman cover, everything he has dropped this year hasn’t disappointed me yet!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jd

    Dope tape,dude is next just like Nas said he was

  • MDW13

    This muthafuka go bananas!
    Fast,slow,club,conscience,rock,rap…if u aint wit this shit u just a closet dick rider! Muthafukaz lyin 2 they self if they hate this…Big up to the homie Jon Connor. I wouldve paid for this boi!

  • Ant J

    Connor shitted on every mixtape ever!

  • J Willis

    This nigga next!!! This dude Ruff

  • Mazz

    This GUY DESERVES 2012 XXL 2012 FRESHMAN COVER!!!!!!

  • Bluecity_avie

    Jon connor is next I said now watch it happen

  • CakesandPies

    This nigga deserves the freshman cover no doubt

  • CakesandPies

    The best mix tape of the year hands down

  • KJonesAVSQ

    Jon connor is the future of hip hop he taking over the game

  • KJonesAVSQ

    If this nigga don’t get the freshman cover its gonna be stupid

  • Cali love

    I am from the L.A. and just got out of work This MF Jon Connor is a beast!!!!!

  • Rude Dude

    Jon Connor mixtape is crazy I love the intro all the way to the bonus track. Jon Connor is the best new artist out!!!!!

  • Sexxi Choc

    Maaannnn, this guy Jon Coonor is the absolute truth, he has inspired me to get back in the booth!!! Real Talk

  • Tyneetune

    That Track Goodie Girls is my new anthem. I can definitely play the passenger seat like a pro!!!! lol

  • Gabe

    No. 5 “Place on Earth” gives me that feeling inside, the sample takes me back to childhood.

  • Travis

    Well Damn!!!! No Apologies needed! Absolutely!!! Man these suckers out here need apologize thinking they can hold a candle to Connor.

  • Sade

    Jon Connor is so hot, his music dope too. But he can defintely get it 🙂

  • AJ

    Vinnie Chase is the hardest mixtape I have heard and I done heard a lot of niggaz mixtapes!!!!

  • Al_avsq

    I didn’t think it could get better than Season 1 and Season 2 completely blew my mind

  • Waneshia

    I have been a fan of Jon Connor since 09 and I swear he never diasappoints, I wish he would perorm at my college PV

  • Andrew

    I met this guy Connor and he’s a humble dude, but he so cocky on da mic! #salute

  • Big Bev

    I think I want Jon Connor to be the father of my unborn children, He so fuckin’ real and ain’t too many real dudes left Goodie Girls got me wanting to ride shot gun with this nigga every fuckin where

  • Kushy

    Aint nobody fuckin with Connor!!! HE gone take the game over Hands down
    Make sure yall check out his previous shit!!! Hardest mixtape out

  • Bossman23

    Jon Fucking Connor!!!!!!!
    Never disappoints me this shit go HARD!!
    Favorite Track is number 15 Just Paper

  • UNC

    Sign this guy already he bringin the real back!!!!

  • C-Rob

    I listened to this tape from beginning to end!!!!!
    Thats when you know this shit is the best
    Cant do that with everyones mixtape!!!!

  • BlackandMild

    Jon Connor = FUCKING BEAST

  • Rhyme G

    Never takin this mixtape out my deck!

  • Mr. Know it all

    I can’t believe someone said they won’t download the music because of a cover. lol it’s people like you is the reason HipHop is dead. The mixtape is Fire!!!!!! A+ from me

  • mad rapper

    The Mixtape of the year hands down. Freshman of the year

  • Real Hip Hop

    I been listening to this mixtape all night he give me the feeling of when I heard people like Jay Z, Nas, Pac, and the other greats for the 1st time. Star in the making

  • real talk

    We never want to give New artist a chance. This cat is going to blow up fast. I saw him perform in Atlanta at A3C and he killed it. His street team was strong and he murdered the stage. I been following him ever since.

  • micky fats

    Jon Connor is 1 of the Hottest rappers out right now. Mixtape Crazy ish!!!!

  • yup yup

    I love this New cat Jon Connor. Can’t understand why he is not signed. ARs get on ya Job

  • canYouHear me

    I been telling people about Jon Connor for the last 2yrs. All I can say now is I told ya so.Lol Mixtape of the year

  • holla

    If you don’t like Jon Connor just look in the mirror and know that the person that is starring back at you is a hater

  • MDW13

    This go harder than most cats actual albums! Seriously no lol.

  • Jd

    People still trying to deny this man just accept the truth dude is dope

  • Central

    Jon Connor BEEEN Sick with the flow and production Since Calling pt.1 Do your research

  • Whats-Moven

    Jon Connor is a fucking problem!!!!!

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