• NoSoup4Yu

    whos the dude in the blackout?

  • Junbuggy

    this a dope record right here…
    …i swear i wouldn’t be on this site as much anymore http://goo.gl/WA1Q5 ..if i wasn’t making money every time I commented…

  • NoSoup4Yu


  • Y U MAD

    Cool verse… weird beat to rhyme-on though. I hope Tip will make a hard come back.

  • Dreezy

    Wa ohh. Pretty hot tbh.

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    typical wack nigga, snitch nigga music

  • B.Boggz

    HAHAHA This nigga is gay, son.

  • uhuh

    the streets used to ride or die for Tip. what happened bruh?

  • CaliSteppin

    Tip snapped.. Andre is the only one that has a chance of outdoing tips verse

  • ppppp

    fuck you, you boring common whore

  • Pyro is trash.You haven’t had a good song since “Whatever You Like”Also you lost the streets with that changed man bullshit as well as your get out of jail free card.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Why Is T.I In This?
    Get He’s Snitching Ass Outta Here

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    Ke$ha & beat > verses

  • Drake

    Weezy went in!!

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  • Santa

    Everyone snapped…even Wayne

    god damn I wanted to hate this so bad

  • Black Shady

    Wiz ; meh….
    Kesha on the hook ; wack
    3stacks ; do i need to say anything? killed it as usual
    Tip ; did his thing….
    Weezy ; was ok.

    but whats with this track? how come Kesha gets all these mufuckaz on her track? especially 3stacks (since hes not pop like the others) . im lost..

  • ^^^ 3 Stacks not pop? You smoking dumb ass nigga… Remember a little pop hit called “Hey Ya”? He pop as hell…

  • Real Life


  • Sleazy

    @Black Shady! 3 Stacks is not pop… you know you fronting right? Eminem is not pop too right? 3K is the reason why new niggas think its okay go pop and claim to be a hip hop icon at the same time!

  • Yup !

    WAYNE >>> WIZ >>> 3STACKS >>> TIP >>> THE BEAT >>> THEN KESHA!!!!!!!!!!

    HA !

  • IM730

    where the fuck is a new 3000 album foreal? I bet it sell. He always got that unspoken respect from hip hoppers. Like B.I and pac you just know he in most peoples top 5.

  • Collar Cali

    Wiz surprised me….
    Hot beat….
    Errybody went IN!!!!
    I luv that Weezy & TIP!

  • Y U MAD

    “I have so many floors like a mansion”… man Lil Wayne is crazy with it.

  • toad3527

    andre is pop, and is good at it. he had a whole album of non rap music. he is pop, still good, but still pop. this song right here sucks tho, and the guy on the blackout is canibus

  • toad3527

    @im730 you think cause andre has respect that mean he would sell? rakim got respect, scarface got respect, that doesnt mean they can sell just cause they have respect. remember, mc hammer went 10x plat.

  • toad3527

    and i agree with sleazy, andre did open the lane for the pop/rap types.

  • King

    Garbage…..all of them

  • Santa

    @Ricky Ross

  • Everybody smash on it…i just didn’t like the fact weezy used sleazy at the end everybody just spit without saying it but overall everybody did what they supposed to do A cool club banger.

  • toad3527

    and i thought that Weezy and Wiz Khalifa would have valued there relationships with the streets enough to not be on this song. i guess they do not have any relationship with the streets nor any desire to maintain one.

  • D. L.

    wiz and wayne hater above me…. as if T.I and Andre wasn’t on the record as well. What about their relationship with the streets?

  • toad3527

    i dont think anyone in the streets takes T.I. or Andre 3000 seriously

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  • Shade

    @Black Shady: You’re lost because you are the usual ignorant “true hip hop” fan that can’t appreciate music.

    Andre likes Ke$ha…can’t comprehend that? Just means you ain’t a true music fan. Don’t worry 95% hip hop fans aren’t either. Stick with your hardcore hip hop, kid. Let the real musicians do their thang. Yo inexperienced opinion don’t matter to the art form.

  • biggiesmalls

    wayne and andre killed it – they should make some song together. But really together not like on carter IV.

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!

    LMFAO Wayne is so wack!
    “Like a lion I ain’t lying”
    Lol, that’s embarrassing

  • Snake

    LIL WAYNE VERSE IS BEST, I LIKE THIS SHIT. Andree is swag! He is a hip hop legend, too much respect.

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  • im confused… somebody please explain…. how the FUCK Lil Wayne & Wiz Khalifa BODIED this track!!??? I expected T.I. & Andre 3000 to kill this, as they usually would. They are overall better, but Weezy & Khalifa somehow KILLED THEM…. They all went in though, its just crazy as fuck….. Really surprising

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