• John

    Love this track

    City Of God is 1 of my favorite tapes of the year

    People need to stop sleeping on Fred

  • get bucks

    fatboy nice!!!

  • Ea$y Bread


  • http://soundcloud.com/jayjamz @JayJamzMusic

    wats happent wit the guy’s face?

  • Lucky P

    this shit is crazy! hot vid & record as well

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  • http://WWW.ArtsTrueForm.COM ARTS TRUE FORM

  • http://WWW.ArtsTrueForm.COM ARTS TRUE FORM


    yo fred the godsons city of god mixtape is crazy dope

    niggas is not up on him thats why they tape is being slept on its dope

  • Grammar patrol

    I live in bk and I love ny rap, but this guy is wack. Period.