Common “EZ Street Show” Freestyle

Before Common made his way over to The Park On Fourteenth in D.C. last Friday (great show by the way), he stopped by WKYS’ EZ Street’s show for a five minute freestyle. Rappers take notes.

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  • bhikku

    The brother Common Sense – true emcee.

  • Brandon

    Its official Common is officially only a movie star… no mo cyphers for you pal!

  • Does Beats By Dre provide those Headphones for free or what?! I can’t really see Stations buying those and giving Beats by Dre free advertising.


  • Kieran

    All Hail The King…

  • So refreshing when the word “freestyle” actually means freestyle. Younger generation: take notes.

  • See(sic)

    This shit was official! Can’t wait for the 20th