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  • Nashville

    How many times do we have to tolerate this same beat?!!?

  • Dan

    Lil Bow Wow is still wasting his time with the music

  • Boyyoudumb

    T.I called, said he wants his swag back

  • so what

    is he trying to be meek mill? smh.

  • Truth

    Another lame wit money

  • YungTunechi

    LMAO !
    The beat is from “Public Enemy n1” by Hardhead. Thanks Jahlil Beats…

  • Get Real

    Damn he just jacked the fuck out of Ace Hood’s flow and T.I.’s hook delivery. Smh. #knockitoff

  • Black Shady


  • Everytime I hear this dude he sounds like somebody else.Fuck is the with this dude.

  • franky knuckles

    naah i think he jacked meek mills flow..lmao

    (as if any rapper that came out the last 5years can claim a rap style/flow, they are ALL recycling)

  • saez

    Dam a bottom try’n to be a top. LOL. It won’t work ! Its like a cat trying to be a dog.

  • Me

    Dude needs to learn how to be original. Same old recycled beat, with some old garbage verses. Along with a recycled flow, that was mediocre to begin with. Mix that with a talent that Jermaine Dupri found (yeah, think about that! scary right?)and you get this crap.

  • Matt



    This sounds like an interpolation of I’m A Boss that a comedian would do like Dave Chappelle or Affion Crocket. SMH. Knock it off with the rehashing beats, and it AIN’T the producers fault. The fuck ass artists are the ones that keep asking for “lemme get that I’mma Boss”

  • The Realist

    lol @ ^^^^^^^^^^^^everyone sayin peeps stole a style, flows and styles circulated like your bitch, get off bowwow dick haha

    Hate on me cuz u care?


  • aww this song is great

  • Jay…

    Ya”l are stupid, bow is alright. stop hating, HATERS. where is the support, ya’ll comment for the wrong thing.