Plies Takes Stand In Gun Case

Algernod had his day in court last week in Florida’s Alachua County. His testimony stems from a lawsuit filed against him by the victims of a 2006 shooting in Gainesville.

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  • Your mother’s “friend”

    I hope they lock him up

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  • BitchPlease

    damn Plies didn’t seem remorseful nor believable with his answer..


    lock his ignorant ass up

  • Your Father

    I would not wanna get headbutted by this nigga. NUFF SAID.

  • Chan

    man that ugly ass nigga is just trying to take plies money. People will do anything for money. If plies was broke no one wouldbe blaming him for it.

  • Man whats the statue of limitations on that shit. That was damn there 6 yrs ago. He might’ve kept appealing the shit. Seems like all the plaintiffs have the same lawyer too cause the way dude was crying and they all had to leave the court room seem highly orchestrated. I’m not doubting there pain I’m just saying. But what the fuck do I know. Plus wouldn’t they get more suing the establishment or the City or some shit. Everybody knows these rap niggaz don’t have money like that.


  • Kingbo

    what …plies living what he rap about now??
    …PSA: Lace Front Wigs Are the Leading Cause of Forehead Cancer in African American Women

  • Truth

    lol @ that’s niggas head. i can see my reflection through the computer screen

  • i just hope he learn from this because when innocent folks get shot for no reason it makes no sense in fact add a N its nonsense