The Throne “Niggas In Paris” Nine Times

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The Throne hit the Staples Center in L.A. last night for Round Two, and just when you thought they couldn’t top their last record, they performed their single, nine times. How much longer can this go on!

la leakers

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  • KoldCase

    I have no clue if i would be pumped as fuck or bored as fuck

    At least bring tip out for the remix

    Change yo verse up

  • craddyshaq

    9 times.. i dont believe it

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  • MJ

    im fucking tirred of this shit. its all over the radio and now its become the only song they perform? these niggas made WHOLE FUCKING ALBUM

  • Are they homosexuals?????

  • Bdot’s boyfriend

    shit is gettin boring…

  • They shud cum 2 inglewood with that gay shit sumbody gona get hurt,,the song is wack as fuck anyway

  • BRu973


  • JohnBlack

    Honestly this is getting ridiculous. What’s next a show where they perform one song and one song only!

  • NVR

    Dat shit cray!

  • Hudes

    Stop posting this gay shit
    You guys ride jay dick like your life depending on it

  • no name

    STUPID as fuck

  • dadaBITCH

    LAAAMEEEE AS FUCK…..cmo’n boy

  • fat nigga

    Lame ass illuminati bitches

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Its the ROC !

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    look at this BUM talking about ” illuminati”

  • yeah this just needs to stop being posted

  • damone

    Alot of haters this morning in KC they ended it at 5 we all wanted more. we didnt wanna go home. Best concert ever. People always talking about somebody dick like we cant like someone music.

  • Lol heha. Hating is a sick disease. Fucking lames hating on jay & ye. Fuck out of here. Cause you ain’t up there. Ha ha.

  • Weezy F F Baby, And The F F Is For Fucking Faggot!!


  • downsouth

    9times maybe two after the third time you tired of that shit sound like the only song worth hearing

  • Jdigg

    Just when you thought they couldn’t perform in 9 times…

  • realraprawindastudio

    We get it.. Your niggers in paris.. U know the album is weak when you preform one song 9 times

  • Google maps

    Played the fuck out.

  • Cadet

    I don’t get it… Why?

  • @MJ i get what your saying , i liked the song when i first heard it, but now its all over the radio, now its time for them to either make a video for it, or start promoting a new single, like say “Gotta have it” or “Made in America”

  • Black Shady

    people pay 200bucks to hear the same song 9times. LOL YALL SOME SUCKAZ

    Fuck this bullshit

  • okay we get it.

  • 730

    yall some tired ass retarded niggas if you think thats the only song they do…

    H.A.M. / Who Gonna Stop Me / Otis / Welcome to the Jungle / Gotta Have It / Where I’m From / N—- What, N—- Who / Can’t Tell Me Nothing / Flashing Lights / Jesus Walks / Diamonds From Sierra Leone / Public Service Announcement / Run This Town / Monster / Power / Made in America / New Day / Hard Knock Life / Izzo (H.O.V.A.) / Empire State of Mind / Runaway /Heartless / Stronger / On to the Next One / Dirt Off Your Shoulder / I Just Wanna Love You / That’s My Bitch / Good Life / Touch the Sky /All of the Lights / Big Pimpin’ / Gold Digger / 99 Problems / No Church in the Wild / Lift Off / N—-s in Paris

    DUMB NIGGAS. YEA i am talking about YOU.

  • tdotog

    id walk the fuck outta there

  • uhuh


  • Peekay

    why are you still posting this, it’s not a story as of the first week of their tour? We know they play the fuckin’ song a ridiculous amount of times and it’s still effin’ stupid. They have tons of hits they could play instead. Stop giving them unnecessary media attention, please.

  • Adam

    You broke fags need to shut up. I was row 15 from the floor there last night and that shit was amazing. Everyone stayed hyped each time they played it, so dont be mad you guys because all of you hating are poor and just sit behind a screen al day criticize other peoples hard work.

  • Adam

    And they did play all of their hit songs. The show lasted 3 hours, so they didnt just play niggas in paris the whole time you idiots

  • Pierre Cuzmybladdersempty

    Reading about them playing this song so much made me think that shit would get old real fast… but it’s so much different when you’re there. Jay and Ye make it so fun and hype you up so much you want to break that record, believe me. Best time I’ve had at a concert hands down.

  • IM730

    Agreed though..this shouldnt be news..

  • nice

    everybody that’s hating on this obviously hasnt been to the show. They perform about 11 songs off of the album. Not to mention thier catalogues which are crazy in thier own right. This is the best hip hop show on the planet, but the lames (that cant afford tickets) will always hate on what they don’t understand.

  • lot it reminds me a things in my country, when we had the urban riots :

    news in the beginning started do a city ranking : all the cars that were burned @ city
    and the rioters from all the cities started to compete : “which city will burn most cars”

    when the news spotted this dumb s*it, they stopped the counting
    and the rioters stopped this dumb contest

  • TimLeeVAStandUp

    Y’all are dumb, it’s not like they do it 9 times in a row fully they cut it up and do it differently it doesn’t last as log as you all think. I went to the show and it was DOPE.

  • Real Talk

    Stop reporting on this … nobody gives a shit.

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  • Adam

    If you haven’t seen it live then you will never know how amazing hearing that song 9 times was.

  • realshit

    alot u internet guys sound u fucks didnt go to the concert…the shit was off the chain..and i had my bitch there boucing and fucks gotta get a passport..or something..go make some money or something..bum ass internet thugs..haaa…but true story its entertaining sometimes…ha poor people….#OccupyAllStreets..

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  • Southside

    they performed for like 3 hours. Shit was amazing.

  • Collar Cali

    [email protected]! I wish I was there… such a legendary tour…

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  • Steve Works

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