• Loon

    The only way I would of believe this Bad Boy comeback is if that they would actully signed Jay Electronica.

  • return of the insane clown posse… hahaha Red cafe the only legit artist up there.. the rest.. hahahaha good luck mang

  • JMillionaire

    Bad Boy about to start Winning Again, they need to sign Jadakiss and they good money

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Sean “Career Killer” Combs

  • Here’s a list of quality artist’s that are, or at one point were, apart of bad boy records:

    1. Mase
    2. Loon
    3. Mario Winans
    4. Danity Kane (Group)
    5. Cassie
    6. Gorilla Zoe
    7. Dream (Group)
    8. Cheri Dennis (Group)
    9. Yung Joc

    There’s something else all these artist have in common besides bad boy; their careers are either over or irrelevant…….read more: http://radiocanthearu.blogspot.com/2011/12/is-bad-boy-taking-overor-taking-down.html

  • Ben

    ^^^ All ass artist, except mase. But, he is ass now too. They signed French? I thought he was going to good music.

  • Mr. G

    Bad boy ’12 cant stop wont stop!!

  • saez

    Its more like” BOTTOM BOY “

  • Master O

    Whoa Whoa Radio, Mario Winnas hasn’t left Bad Boy. Neither has Cassie or Gorrila Zoe. As for the new team MGK is a legit artist Those who left are irrelaant on their own apart from Danity Kane.