New Mixtape: Consequence Curb Certified

Word on the curb is that Cons is dropping his new mixtape. Well here it is with Superstar Jay and DJ Love Dinero on the hosting duties. Tracklist and download link below.

Download here

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  • Nashville

    Can he even close his mouth?

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  • get bucks

    @ Nashville


  • MegaMan

    Who? These gangster rappers should retire already. Gangster rap is dead and gone.

  • Black Shady

    consequence? no thanks

  • Curb Certified? Meaning Everyone Who Listens Will Throw Throw Their Damn iPods To The Curb

  • franky knuckles

    Con is a good cat, he is just not the person that plays his position good enough in this gay industry.. but dude is a pure mc, real and got mad flow

  • Santa

    Why does he always look like he smelled something bad

  • BK James

    This is what happens when you stray away from Kanye…you drop at least 3 ass mixtapes a year that are basically the same tape 3 times with whack features and no buzz. Not just Cons but GLC too. Hard to believe these the same dudes who contributed verses to “Gone” and “Spaceship”.

  • Ryan

    Everybody can’t be a star. Most of these dudes never have, and never will have appeal that people will gravitate towards. Most of these dudes start getting jealous when they see other dudes getting shine try feel should be theirs.

    Big Sean, Cudi & Pusha all have appeal that this dude doesn’t. Should’ve been happy being in the background. Dude look like a bitter bitch now.

  • Sam I Am

    a week and a half from now, Cons will start talking about ANOTHER mixtape…..smh

  • D

    @franky knuckles: pretty much, yeah

  • hiphopfan

    If u don’t think this dude is nice,then u don’t know what hip hop is…concepts,flow,and delivery over dope production…he is that

  • I haven’t heard this mixtape yet, but if you don’t think that Movies On Demand 3 was one of the best hip-hop mixtapes this year, than you really didn’t take a listen, or your a Waka Flocka fan.

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