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    If you’re free tomorrow night we’re opening for pusha in SF at 330 ritch. Hit me if you want tickets.

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  • The Guy

    Lol @ tyler in this pic haha

  • The greek black jesus

    Lu the goat

  • Converse


    Lu a joke

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    tyler thinking: Crazy ass nigga

  • Jumbo

    I really never would have thought I’d be at a point where I appreciate both Pharrell and even Tyler more than Lupe. But here we are.

    Lu a douche.

  • TROLLiver

    @Jumbo WORD

  • http://Wearecommingtogetyoumrrobertwilliam. Smoke screen

    I fucking hate tyler’s face..smh

  • http://mrgeorgehenry.tumblr.com G-Cass

    Ill check this out for Tyler and P, not Lupe.

  • Hermain co-CAIN

    look at how Tyler is looking at that weirdo Lupe

  • http://www.Google.com Young Negro keep it 100

    Tyler is like “this nigga can’t be serious with them dreads” LOL

  • get bucks

    Lupe look like the Real Rick Ross in the 90’s.lol

  • Kill



  • kareem

    Tyler got that “Fuck your shitty new mixtape, nigga” look on his face

  • TRICK ’86