The Throne “Niggas In Paris” Ten Times

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After setting the record of nine the previous night, The Throne upped the ante last night at the Staples Center’s third show. Earlier in the day, they began shooting its video in the same venue.

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  • they need to stop doing this immediately

    they’re killing this song for me now

    i loved it < not anymore

  • LKBZ

    Okay, now enough wit this gay shit already…

  • mark ginnis

    I can repeat a song 10 times ! So what ??!!!

  • Wow. They have to draw the line somewhere, though.

  • Based God told me in a dream that one day we will be able to perfom an entire show with one song.

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  • Converse


  • damone

    Why? Because its the last song. You can go home are go crazy watching them do it again. I went to the show its crazy man. Dont knock till u been. How you call urself a hiphop head and not go… Broke ass.

  • TimLeeVAStandUp


  • Facts

    “How you call urself a hiphop head and not go”


    This whole Watch The Throne album is not what most of us passionate Hip-Hop fans define as Hip-Hop, not the music we grew up with and fell in love with
    We do not like this so-called ‘Swag’ stuff, we do not want to know about it

    Maybe you are not old enough to understand, it’s not your fault



    The next show, this is the only song they gonna play.. Smfh

  • no name

    you groupies hop off jay´s dick.this shit it´s not brilliant or funny,it´s stupid smh.
    co-sign @Facts

  • wickwickwack

    that repeat concept got the people to go out and buy the record

    niggas in paris just made it in the top 10 billboard charts

  • SmokeYou

    I’m a huge Jay-Z fan and enjoy most of Kanye’s music but if I went to a concert and the artist played the same song more than twice I would ask for my money back. Then again with the limited selection of songs they can play as a group I somewhat understand, but still quality > quantity.

  • Ryan

    Everyone that’s went to the show told me that you don’t even really mind it. Guess its one of those things where you gotta be there

  • Ball so hard mudafuckas wanna fine me….that shit gay….

  • Converse

    Hiphop?! nigga are we listening to the same song? fuck this techno shit lmao at damone dick riding fuck boy

  • Peekay

    I’ve been and it’s fuckin retarded. Fuck off with these posts, this is not news. Seriously turning me off RapRadar. Must be on Jay and Ye’s payola.

  • damone

    Converse why u always mad at Jay. If u dont think New day, Joy, no church, made in america etc is hiphop then go listen to drake or wayne. Haters mad why at jay because he doing his thing step ur game up broke ass.

  • NoNotToday

    I hate Nancy Grace.

  • Citylivin’

    i said first time i heard this song it sound like it should be for Gucci Mane….it sound his song “My Chain.”….but if “Niggas In Paris” was Gucci song y’all niggas wouldn’t be so crazy about it….but hey!…if that’s what y’all niggas is into then fuck it.

  • damone

    Most people who hate Jay from KC is broke and mad at him and people who made it. I like to hear about hard times from my younger teen days but im winning i cant listen to a cd about blasting brains out of people heads all day i like hustle music… Get money stop dragging this man down.

  • hovs#1stan

    noooooo.. I wanted to be st the record show, I went tonights ago, 9x swag!! damnit

  • dmc

    would be funny if half the people took off at 5

  • Black Shady


  • Bdot’s boyfriend

    shit is gettin gay

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Jay & Kanye are talented they got my vote atleast their not wearing a spongebob fanny back or singing sappy love songs.

  • m5p

    I think people are over reacting. They do all tge songs. Then they do niggas in Paris. Instead of ending the show they do it over a bunch of times. I’ve been to shows where niggas do they set and then they are out. I liked Wayne’s last show, at the end he basically talked some shit and half asses a few songs. But it’s more of a stamina thing with tge niggas in Paris. Hopefully if you goto the show you go cause u like the album. If so, you get your money’s worth after they go through there set. You can leave after that. If you want to get some bonus, stick around. It’s a win win. And it’s never been my favorite tea k on the album but I enjoyed it. Most people making those comments (1) didn’t go to the show, (2) don’t like jay, or (3) rather watch Wayne prance around in nicki’s pants. Get a life hater.

  • m5p

    What the haters gonna say when they favorite copy this?


  • NSlick

    Why the fuck would you pay for tickets for a concert to only see about 1 song performed the whole time? horrible idea they’re idiots, its a great song but not that great

  • mane

    stupid records i like ye n jay but this is stupid only a song in a concert mennnnn only in america

  • Jay-z fans are retarded…..Y’all niggas worship a CAMEL!!

  • TheChosenOne11

    This shit funny

  • TRON

    HOW funny? this is like the 10th post about this shit goin on and yall DUMB ASS niggas still think that they are “playing one song and one song only” (haha see what i did there) no but foreal how stupid can you be. I feel if you that dumb you should be learnin on wikipedia not browsing RAPRADAR.

  • fat nigga

    Dat shit is gay (kanye west’s voice)

  • Walter White

    U really have to be there to understand how awesome it actually is. I thought it was a stupid idea before I went, but every time they stopped I wanted them to start again.

  • I had better seats… I was dam new on stage watch!!

  • Paul Anaconda

    Damn Straight, Make The Next City Work Extra Hard To Break That Record.

  • NotoriousRambo.


  • cisco

    @walter white, i was there monday and tuesday, it was f’n crazy both nights, plus 20 major stars in da building? daaaaaaamn KOBE and more were there, the repeat was awesome, I was rocking the whole way as if i were at my house listening to my favorite song on repeat but I was at the f’n concert, you cant beat that by a long shot that ish CRAY!!!!!!

  • MIL

    Do they perform other songs, or is a one song concert?

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  • I thought it was kind of out of hand/dumb at first… but if it is the last song and they just add time to the concert with repeating it.. then I think it is great. As long as it doesn’t take time away from other songs.

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