50 Cent SMS By 50 Signing In NYC

It ain’t easy being 50. Off the heels of releasing his SMS By 50 headphones, Curtis signed autographs for fans earlier today at J&R Music & Computer World. Here’s a recap of the event provided by his URL.

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  • JustMyOpinion

    I don’t get it…….the whole big headphones look. It seems a bit regressive, in other words didn’t we pass this when APPLE headphones came out.

  • Whowantwhat

    Haters can’t stop a Real Nigga!

  • Fat Matt

    lol @ these niggas hustlin non-audiophilerz….smh @ these prices for these mega-superstar co-sign on these headphones…… way to hustle… but you wont hustle me bahahah

  • Fat Matt

    JR>>>>>>>>BEST BUY

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  • Loaded

    Apple headphones aren’t for music making. they are for ipods and casual listening. am sure fif head phones are just like dre’s. if I was fif i wouldnt have made headphones. There are tons of wanna be producers out there with rich parents who buy them shitloads of stupid over priced equipment. If you make some quality speakers for the computer put 50 cent name on it. Shit will sell like hotcakes

  • changis

    ipod headphones suck!! Point blanck its about quality in music being able to hear the music the way ita was meant to be heard.

  • Tonight made Money

    The last business move that 50 Cent did that was successful was his Glaceua Vitamin water deal, that was not because he`s good businessman like Puff and Jay too. It was off his popularity at the time. After that dude been taking Ls… Dude starved himself to death for a straight to dvd movie that nobody fucked with, SK aint popping- no coke deal or none, his headphones aren’t popping neither Dre already dominate the market,even charity work aren’t even popping.. no million facebook hit requested. For a nigga like 50 his momentum in business is off his music popularity.. so its done for homie. Its not like Puff who can say Ciroc and shit happens. No hate in my blood, so 50 Stan boys stop there lol!!

  • bromane

    thats whatsnup with the headphones

  • Whowantwhat

    @ Tonight made money…you sound broke! No hate in my blood too. Lol

  • Vince

    @Tonight made Money

    You have no idea. How about you read the Forbes article on his business ventures and financial deals. Read in detail just how well G-Unit book company did, and how it was the fastest growing hip hop book company ever. Read about the 200 million deal he got for his film company, which was unheralded due to it’s stipulations. I don’t know how well these headphones will do, but the SK thing is off to a great start, even if it doesn’t sell another shot today, the fact that he’s up to this point provided 4 million meals to the UN food programme is by far the best thing any rapper has ever done in terms of giving back.

  • PAP

    ayoo I was there! I was right after the white white @1:10! 50 seemed really genuine n engaging that day with everyone! n I he signed my sync by 50, with in my opinion are awesome n the best on the market. it kills me to see people try to justify hating on 50…

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  • MegaMan

    Teflon Don vs. Before I Self-Destruct:

    First week sales:
    176,300 vs. 160,000

    682,000 vs. 436,000

    Worldwide sales:
    1,004,230 vs. 642,000

    Rick Ross killed 50 Cent’s career. 50 Cent is over.

  • MegaMan

    Teflon Don vs. Before I Self-Destruct:

    First week sales:
    176,300 vs. 160,000

    682,000 vs. 436,000

    Worldwide sales:
    1,004,230 vs. 642,000

    Rick Ross killed 50 Cent’s career. 50 Cent is over.

    Rick Ross’ new mixtape will sell more than The Big 10.

  • mane

    rick ross equal to no billboard number one no platinium no diamond album rick ross is broke living fake life 50 cent 450 million ross 25 million ross can never never have a number one hits on top 100

  • mane

    side bar young jeezy killed rick ross jeezy made ross push his album…..ross two single flopped hard am the boss no where in the chart

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    FIF is making BOSS moves. [email protected]”Rick Ross

  • Kemosabi

    I know this ain’t about jeezy but I’m disappointed he is going the tabloid route to sell that TM 103 but he’s been on the shelf for a minute so I can see where the desperation comes from. I digress though, if these are as good as beats by dre and a fraction of the price I’d buy them still. Don’t kn

  • room2roam

    anybody know what song that sample playing is from? lol @ ppl always actin like all of 50 fans are “street”. did you see those ppl? couldve easily been a drake signing but the line wouldve been longer

  • realtalk

    50 Cent :
    Get Rich-15 million worldwide
    Massacre- 7.5 million worldwide
    Curtis – 2 million worldwide
    BISD- 500,000+
    Get Rich Movie Soundtrack – 1 million +
    50 Cent The New Breed DVD – 645,000
    G Unit Beg For Mercy – 2 million +
    13 Top Ten Singles including solo and as a feature

    Rick Ross:
    Port of Miami: 500,000+
    Trilla- 645,059
    Deeper Than Rap – 434,000
    Teflon Don – 682,000
    Triple C’s Album: Such a flop that you cant even find the record sales for it online
    Highest he ever charted on Billboard top 100 is 17

    Get your facts right dumbass before you make “ross ended 50’s career” comments
    The fact that you mention ross name with 50’s is an insult to fif

    The man doesnt have to put out another record because hes already set and left a mark in this game

  • Young jeezy killed Ross, lloyd Banks murdered him with ‘Officer Down” Fif didn’t have to do shit, Lil B>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Ross looooooooool

  • saez

    50 & ross porn movie,’BOTTOMS ARE US’.

  • Luks


    G-UNIT ALL DAY, ERRRDAY !!!!!!!!! 50 KING !!!!!!!!