Gucci Mane Releasing Gucci Classics 2

Gucci’s got classics. And just two days after his release, he and DJ Greg Street announced they’ll be releasing the second installment of their Gucci Classics series during the holidays. Gee, thanks Santa.

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  • D mane

    You scary ass rappers leg shootin ass rappers need to listen to this real screet shit

  • Black Shady

    what classics seriously?
    even waka got more hits than him smh

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Gucci Has Classics For Days…For Broke Ass Trappers

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  • NoNotToday

    Gucci should come out with a line of ice cream cone temporary tattoos for his fans since he has all of these classics. The stickers could sell from $8.99 to $11.99 and he could use the proceeds to buy up his classics so that maybe just maybe with a shimmer of hope he could land on the billboard charts.

    Oh well fuck Nancy Grace.

  • So Icy Boy!

    yesssss. Gucci iz da greatest rappa of all time snitchez. he mo creative den Feminem. #1milli1stweek swag

  • jeeeeeezzer

    dis gon be a classic son (no pun)…

    best in tha game … gucci tell em!

  • Gucci please i beg of you….u already flooded the game with enough classic garbage…..another gucci mixtape is the last thing we need now….

  • Silviu

    follow me @SilviuDaniel

  • MegaMan

    Baytl is a classic hip hop album. V-Nasty’s lines are classic.

  • Kemosabi

    The fuck is a Gucci classic.

  • Drew Who

    why bother even posting this ?

  • ReadBetween

    On Your Mark….
    Get Set..