Nardwuar vs. Ghostface Killah

Nardwuar is back at it again. And while Ghostface was in Vancouver, the Human Serviette took Starks away from tiramisu for a one-on-one. MF Doom action figure? Doot Doo!

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  • LMAO!

    Their interviews are the shit.

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  • bizz

    i dont know what he mean???

  • Matt

    Whats the over/under on how many times Ghostafce said “know what i mean”? Id say at least 50.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Is This Someone’s Grandpa?

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  • Elliot Wilson

    my grandpa questions his personal mean often, he’s very ill.

  • Tim Lee VA Stand Up

    Nardwuar is the greatest…….that dude sent my a Christmas Postcard signed by himself last year by request. Hes a real fucking dude.

  • petey wheatstraw (@

    damn hes looking old as fuck…thats sad to see.

  • This wasn’t as good as I thought It was gonna be. He didn’t drop any knowledge bombs. This was almost as bad as the Jay-Z one. I’m glad Ghost didn’t suplex him at the end though.


  • Stop

    This was boring compared to his other interviews nah mean I’m kinda errrrr disappointed nah mean

  • Cheese

    Ghostface could be the only artist in history to correct Nardwuar right off the bat. Can’t wait for the DOOM Starks album.

  • the void

    ghostface is in my top 3.

  • “noodles is noodles” that’s a hip hop quotable


    Ghost is in my top 3 also. Easily one of the best and most interesting lyricists in the game. Sad to see him aging but he’ll hopefully give us a couple more albums.

  • Wally Champ11

    Ghostface the truth good interview. nah mean… know what i mean?

  • joe nasty

    Nardwuar is the shit. He does a ton of research before interviewing artists.

  • Homie

    My Ghostface “yanahmean” counter broke at 999

  • Nardwuar… dopest interviewer EVER!!! So freakin’ thoughtful!

  • Ghost

    Greatest living rapper