• Laid

    Go amaya, go crazy amaya,amaya, shake that ass ass ass, stop now make that ….

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  • http://bigteespot.spreadshirt.com/ LEATHER-N-GOLD

    FLO RIDA get it pimpin 305 home team reppin Miami you and PITBULL GOING HARD for dade and carve your own lane Pop HoP.

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  • real Nigga

    nigga u gay as fuck…amaya is a dude.
    U fuckin disgusting ass nigga

  • Yeaaahh…….bitch

    @real nigga amaya is a girl stupid ass nigga

  • http://ackurate.bandcamp.com/ Di@z

    Real nigga is right you fools Amayas a dude, Amaya’s his last name.

  • real Nigga

    hell yea @Diaz
    yeaahhh bitch do ur research u thirsty homo

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  • FreshKidME

    ahahahaha! Amaya’s not a girl but a pussy for posting this gay shit….