• kikri


  • He’s back

  • Cadet


  • real


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  • Jamel

    I like this

    Feeling The Big 10 more than that new jeezy

  • Me

    Hot hot hot damn i think 50 is back


    based GAWWD approved

  • chan

    this shit niceeee!!!! playa del carmen approves!!

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    This joint is hot. gotta love the Product placement(SMS & SK). Its the General.

  • Kramloinl

    he had product placement out the ass in this 1 video..lol
    …Walmart giving back after laying off over 50000 people.. http://goo.gl/WyhdC $1000 giftcards – I grab 2 of Them..LOL

  • @donricoesq

    bang!…..straight goods fif

  • russell long

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  • MegaMan

    Rick Ross ended 50 Cent’s music career. 50 Cent is fake and he is getting exposed. 50 Cent is garbage and his upcoming album will show that. Ricky Ross did just what he said he was gone do, make good music. Rick Ross is real. His game is still on the rise and Self-Made is one of the best hip hop albums out right now. Rick Ross is just one of those artist that I automatically purchase the album before listening to it; and he has never failed me. Anyone who thinks 50 Cent is cool needs to seek therapy at once. Why are we worshipping and idolizing lowlife thugs who should never have been released from prison where they belong? Anyone who would spend money on a 50 Cent album is stupid.

  • JNasty

    MegaMan or RickRoss D rider, whatever your name is…how are you calling 50 fake when Ross was clearly exposed back in the day by multiple parties, 50 ended ja, fat joe, mocked the crap out of Ross and Khaled, but the prob is people startin hating 50 because of it. Ross although fake as hell, has excellent delivery and skills writing, thats why he sells, but going off on 50 for no reason makes no cents. He is one of the smartest in the game just watch his interviews, Ross needs to stay healthy and lay off the fried chicken.

  • RapMusic25

    I bet 50 was in the studio for a day shooting all these cheap green screen videos.I would rather have 2 great videos than 10 cheap ones.

  • Me

    Hahaha @ magaman he is all over the place hating 50 cent.. 50 is real ross is FAKE that is y he sell low, he can’t top ny chart ross is just lucky to be alive..

  • tiny

    50 finally got a nother hit!! thank god

    PSA: Lace Front Wigs Are the Leading Cause of Forehead Cancer in African American Women http://goo.gl/cSJxe < snatch a wig, save a life

  • joe nasty

    50 is that dude right now. how do yall even make 50/ross comparisons?

    50 is one of the most versatile rappers ever. he does real street shit based on real life experience and then slows it down and does a slow song singing his own hook. he’s a mainstream rapper that hasn’t lost any street cred on his way to the top.

  • MegaMan

    Teflon Don > GRODT

  • Yung Silv

    best joint off the tape

  • Converse

    Damn this nigga is ass?!

  • haterproof

    Haters are bleeding right now

  • AkofTeam80ty

    Ross groupie? Are you on the nigga payroll? It’s impossible to hate the video, with a nice song and ass in your face lol, wow ha ha, and it’s the other way around Ross ain’t did shit he claims

  • Lux Aeterna

    50 keep it coming!! Looking forward to next year & your album!

  • E Money

    Yo MegaMan go kill yourself…. 50 in that nigga right now!!!! he redeemed himself drastically with this mixtape.

  • E Money

    50 Fake???? really tho?!?! Ohh I forgot officer Ricky was that nigga moving that weight in Miami…GET THE FUC OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!!!

  • Tucq

    I like Ross’ music a lot, but 50 clowned the shit outta the homie.

    I like 50s mixtapes more than most of his albums
    Someone above me said u can’t hate a good song and ass in your face…. lol

  • that chick is bad. keep the videos comin 50!

  • N^gga’s beat selection always top notch tho

  • bigcezar

    ahahaha hater are bleeding ahhaha they r not jaleous but theyr bleeding ahha that was funny

  • kee

    this shit bump some good sexual hip-hop just a dope beat and lyrics something for a romantic night keep it thug though aha

  • Mario

    wtf is this,

  • PrincePolo

    dope shit again

  • Fuck all this, this joint cool but…let me see a visual for ‘Off and On’ or ‘You took my heart’, them two joints right there…..Sheesh!

  • DMV Guy



  • room2roam

    such a waste of a great sample. this wouldve been a great rozay joint. typical 50. still stealing from ja lol

  • MegaMan

    Ross new mixtape gon bury this sh*t!

  • Big Booty White Girl

    This song is ok but truth be told 50 cent really took Ja Rule’s style and ran with it…Yep, Rick Ross ended 50’s run. Mmmmmbach Music.

  • Wetback

    Rick Ross for ever!

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  • I_am_NY_NO LIE

    @MegaMan, yes Rick Ross has been on fire, but Rick Ross is poor compared to 50 Cent, and its not like 50 Cent has never been real, its just that he became real rich, and it got to him a little, But regardless, Fiddy Back, but respect to Ross, no hate ther and his new mixtape i hope will show consistancy, but thers no reason to hate Fiddy, Big 10 is dope.

  • juergen apfelbaum

    Funny how some try to turn this into a Rick Ross vs 50 Cent. Listen and watch the video,and critique for it is. We don’t need to read about how Rick ended 50 cent career.

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