The Breakfast Club Interviews Yung Berg

[vodpod id=Video.15826951&w=540&h=350&fv=p%3D5296%26c%3D449330%26s%3D1563841%26tbid%3D145814%26allowFullScreen%3Dtrue%26]

Yung Berg emerged from the witness protection program hiding and appeared on Power 105.1 with The Breakfast Club. He cleared up rumors, spoke on his various Ls and past Grammy nomination.

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  • uhuh

    B.Dot you slept thru the whole day? you pretty late

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  • James Bond

    Don’t know why people hate on this guy for getting jumped and robbed

  • Biittcchh!

    I respect this guy…

  • NoSoup4Yu

    “witness protection program”… “various Ls”. Y’all worse than the commenters.


    berg is a talented cool nigga
    he just aint bout that life lol hes a little nigga

  • Cadet

    He’ll forever be a ho til further notice…
    He just talked 2 much & dug his @$$ in deep with me.
    It sucks, cause I can dig other rappers who has a weaker flow than him. He just disgust me as a person. Talk about soft…. How you let SEVERAL people knock U around & U still talk shiiiii?

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Yung Berg aka human punching bag

  • Black Shady

    Charlemagne already CLOWNIN him in the first 10 secs LOLLLLLLLLL

    “chain went on tour”
    “take all those Ls”
    “its not like Berg got any street cred”
    “hip hop pinata”
    “you a posta boy for the cyber bullies”
    “lets b honest; nobody checkin for young berg”
    “thats because Everybody Hates Young Berg…he can have his own sitcom”

    awww god. this is hilarious.

  • Beezy

    Shit is fucked up when your name is slang for “slapped” (i.e. “That nigga got Yung Berged”)

  • Homie

    Maybe he calmed down a little more respect for the kid after this interview tho

  • Peekay

    Charlemagne’s awesome at kicking a man while he’s down. As if he hasn’t suffered enough. Definitely have more respect for Yung Berg now.

  • Sam I Am

    Berg was saying this stuff in the Whookid interview as well, definitely respect him a bit more for handling himself well

  • CBH

    Gotta respect his honesty. Don’t really see why people clown this guy…A lot of your favorite rappers (and their favorite rappers too) have take L’s. It happens.

  • JHP

    Respect went up for Yung Berg after this, Charlamagne is quite possibly the biggest asshole in the music business

  • cooldude

    def. got more respect for the dude… more rappers should be this honest.

  • pissed

    At least he kept it honest & cleared it all up like a man…respect