New Video: Willow x Nicki Minaj “Fireball”

Goodness gracious great balls of fire. Willow Smith and Nicki Minaj both ignite the small screen with their new video. Willow’s debut Knees and Elbows coming soon.

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    worst song ive ever heard and her dance is fckin more awkward than a white puffy

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  • fuk waka

    nicki shoutin YM at the start of the joint of a roc nation artist song.. lol weezy must be loving that!

    bdw this shit is trash! even nicki cudnt save it!

  • jgjhghj

    nicki is so fucking fake and annoying

  • Theres gotta come a time when nikkis bullshit gimmicks are offed out the game please the shit is so fuking tired.. but its a good look to do a song with will smith kid because there who buys shit now kids and teenagers that get there money off mom and pops for there cd… hiphop has been hijacked its teenebopper shit now that sells and dumb bitches that buy drakes shit thinking they might ever have a shot with the brother lol this shit is way off giving her hiphop awards it’s pop R&b honestly for the people that love real hiphop That talks about real shit we need to help a shift change I know you like shit for free but if you don’t support real artist were gonna lose real hiphop…..

  • Word

    Willow can get it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    HA !

  • real talk

    on some non pedophile shit bruh, I’ll bang Willow she sexy.

  • “On some non pedophile shit” – hahahahaha nasty!
    U like clever punchlines? Check my new vid!

  • Officer Ricky

    Rap Radar y’all be super late with the post this came out about 3 weeks ago on 106&park

  • Black Motherfucker

    Willow ass>>>>> Nicki’s Ass

  • Kemosabi

    Church @ fake is fake it’s not real. That’s real talk. I said the same thing when i seen her take the best hip hop at MTV. There is certainly an agenda. It looks like it’s working now but real rap is gonna out shine all this bullshit eventually. Sooner or later everyone is gonna remember rap was built on rebelion not sucker ass I need love shit. And with that I hope you take care.
    See what I did there

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    willow is tolerable…. nicki is….. lets just say i mute her on all songs

  • dd

    this new and desperate trend of the music industry to cultivate children and export them as sex symbols to the rest of us is obviously aimed at societies inner pedophile

  • Gansta Grillz

    Anyone saying they would not dick down Willow is lying. She just looks alot like her father in the face but who looking at her face.

  • Tiiz

    ^WTF?!?!? Anyway, this was the first Nicki Minaj verse I’ve ever heard that wasn’t grossly explicit.

  • timothy Adems

    When you ignore the awkwardness of the fact that this is Willow Smith you come to realize “This is kind of a hot dance track.”

  • room2roam

    will and jada is my neighbor HATER!!! lol….~Nicki~

  • Gold Roley

    Wtf was nicki wearing?

  • saez

    Instead of singing ‘I let my hair whip’ the song was originally called ‘ I get my ass whipped’.