R.I.P. Slim Dunkin

Reports now confirm that Brick Squad Monopoly artist Slim Dunkin (Mario Hamilton) was fatally shot yesterday in an Atlanta recording studio. He was 24. According to

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  • Lil Majer The Cartune

    He came to Roanoke, VA last month and tried to get my female friend but she turned his @$$ down! But R.I.P. homie… But as far as his $#!++y music being put rest as well, to God be the glory!

  • Coco

    Rest in peace Dunk! I hope they throw whoever did it under the jail!

  • keez

    its bout to get hot in the A….

    how this nigga get murked at his own event… heard he was at a photo shoot or recording studio…

    damn… must be a sick feelin that you know you’re gonna die soon…. niggas aint livin right when they talkn about they death in interviews n shit

  • Y U MAD

    First of Rest In Peace Slim Dunkin.

    But things like this seriously can be avoided if hip hop fans start embracing rappers as entertainers just like any other genre of music. These rappers have families and communities depending on them just like anyone. But feel the need to prove to fans that they are tough. This mentaility that “he is suppose to keep it real, keep it gangester” is destroying hip hop, families and the black community as a whole. We need leaders not fucken ignorance. In this world there no place for violence, guns, drugs and ignorant where you dont get your fair share of punishment in the end. Peep that!!! Look at the list in all dead talent rappers in their 20s and early 30s, like for real was that fame worth it? People need to woke up and support good music, not violence on records.
    2 pac
    Mac Dre
    Soulja Slim
    DJ Screw
    Big L
    Big Pun
    Yaki Kadafi (Of the Outlawz)
    Proof (Of D12)
    Ol’ Dirty Bastard (ODB)
    Jam Master J
    Pimp C
    Big Moe
    Stack Bundles
    Li Boosie in jail
    Remy Ma
    C Murder
    Ja Rule

  • MegaMan

    R.I.P. my nigga! Slim Dunkin was my close friend. We skated in Atlanta every weekend.

  • Smh. Shit is unfortunate fam. These killings are senseless as fuck man. Smh. R.I.P to that man.

  • Oj Da Cornball

    messed up
    i cant believe he had his down like he about to crap in that vid. smh

  • horos

    Dirt gang Brick Squad

    R.I.P Slim

  • DIGGSY!!!



    damn… that was a real nigga do your research

  • JohnBlack

    Really, a 2 min. documentary?

  • get bucks

    Rappers get killed more than any other entertainers… Why is that?

  • Kemosabi

    That ain’t funny mega man

  • IM730

    It is crazy here in ATL foreal. We can have huge parties, i mean sometimes it feel like the whole city comes out but there always some punk that can’t handle his hands and needs a burner. and now what? dude was big and bad before now probably a scared little bitch hiding somewhere. they will get dude. ATL police are no joke. all for what cause you a puss and cant fight or talk for that matter. Angry ass little Niggas with BiG guns. its a shame.


    rip slim dunkin

    slim dunkin > tupac

  • bestofthebest

    “Rappers get killed more than any other entertainers” because they’re telling the truth… other entertainers are just telling people what they want to hear.

  • Jay shotta

    Rip slim dunkin u already kno yo squad gne handle dat nigga lik kebo said u ah real nigga don’t let nobody tell u different

  • See

    Sad this happen niggas need to wake up. The devil got hood niggas in a head lock. and racist white laugh their ass off.

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  • MegaMan

    I’m sorry.

    R.I.P. Slim Dunkin

  • if she aint fucking adios

    this is jus ignorant beacuse this dude was a good guy and cool n shit…. but from nowhere he became tuff, gangster etc etc….. so i dont feel that sad… he did his life like this…. fucking tragic for his real friend not 1017 niggas… and mostly his familly….

  • Lil Wayne

    not a fan of his music, but any life lost is saddening. RIP slim dunkin

  • shane

    not a fan of his music, but any life lost is saddening. RIP slim dunkin
    *didnt mean to use the lil wayne name lol

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