• Dr. Dre’s Ass

    She Has a Big Ass.!!!
    Can You Imangine How Big Her Farts Sound….

  • dashing

    Surprised that “No Church in the Wild” placed so high.

  • ItsTheTruth

    Not feeling her booth talent but I’ll let her squat on my dick

  • fuk waka

    love it or hate it u cant deny its her time…

  • Joeycrack

    She is the biggest artist in hiphop rightnow…behind is drake…there both killing it…but how the fuck is no church in the wild on the list..that shit is straight politics…disrespects tons of artist who had HITS this year..kanye and jay had nothing on radio all year

  • Fat Matt

    she can top this big dick in her mouth, ass, pussy, and ear.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    Nicki is nothing but a guttersnipe.

  • joe nasty
  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    ^^^ Something Smells Fishy About No Church In The Wild….And It’s Not Nicki

  • Lies Lies and Lies

    Countdown was #5 ? and No church in The Wild#3 ? , for real? Are you guys objective with your reports? where is Drake and Lil Wayne singles… Lil Wayne was voted #1 by Billboard for charts this year… where is he? Get the fuck outta here man

  • More Money

    Where is LIl Wayne? No hating but He shut the charts down this whole year?

  • uhuh

    Lil wayne is fading

  • More Money

    @ uhuh: fading not faded… See the difference?

  • Jaymalls

    “No Church In The Wild” seems a bit out of place with these pop gimmicky B.O.B. FloRida Pitbull type list. The only thing missing is a Katy Perry remix… lol!

    P.S. WTT > Take Care > TML > Pink Friday > C4 > everything that came out of YMCMB in the past 3 years(By Far!)

  • Cadet

    These awards & list are based on popularity. Not talent or overall sales or critical acclaim. If white people love U, then U get shown love nationwide. That’s just how it is right now. I liked this song, but for MTV to put her at #2 this year over Adele because she has more Twitter follows then Adele is dumb as hell. Adele sold 13 million this year versus Nicki’s 1.7 million in a year & a half (which Wayne sold that in 2 months) & has over 15 #1 Billboard year certifications. Adele stayed at #1 or in the top 5 on BB 100 from January to now. Superbass was huge, but it wasn’t even a # hit… Plus it’s technically pop. Get that money.

  • JHP

    Niggas In Paris makes more sense then No Church really, but whatever though. And I would fuck Nicki hard as hell just for the record

  • No

    Lil Wayne didnt shut the radio down, besides a few features his only successful song was she will.

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  • saez