• Mac Miller

    Awful … That Kid Era killed that beat yo

  • 2 Fabiola

    Mann leave that song alone.. You raped it!

  • MegaMan

    Timbaland > Kanye West. I don’t like Kanye’s amateur beats and production style.

  • Hahahahahahahahahhaha! Timbo is DEFINITELY havin fun!

  • TheRealBigHomie

    Wow, Timbaland u wack s.o.b.

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    He Needs To Remix Some Diet Food Is Hes Fatass

  • chuck

    Bruh, honestly…. How much are they paying ya’ll to post every time someone says the words “Niggas in Paris”. Everyday it’s “niggas in paris 5 times in Miami, niggas in paris 6 times in ATL, 7 times in LA, 8 times in NY, 9 times in Chicago, 10 times in San Diego…” Timbaland remixes Niggaz in Paris… Robin Thicke does Niggaz in paris…. It’s time to let it go Rap Radar. You have done your job… they couldn’t had paid that much to keep the promo going this long and this strong.

  • d

    man he fucked it up. im not trying to hear all that talking!

  • Mute Spittah

    Rap radar has become absolute ball sack.

  • Tracy

    He needs to do an official remix, put Missy on that

  • theOne

    I guess he still trying to make it up to Jay for leaking his album…. Still don’t think Jay will fuk wit you anymore Timbo nice try!

  • franky

    word @chuck! i was just thinking the same thing,

  • MRJAY7

    You turned your back on hip hop TImbo. Trust me, we don’t want or need you back.

  • dll32

    wtf, that sucked.

  • Berklee

    drunk douche

  • Billy Rae Valentine


    it seems ridiculous to say Timbo turned his back on hip-hop. how so?

    and more importantly, when did you decide he was some hip-hop guy in the first place? he was an r&b guy and a pop guy from day one. he started with Jodeci. he made his name in the mid-nineties with Aaliyah, Ginuwine, and Missy!

    it’s not like he used to be DJ Premier with the beats then sold out and made pop. so how did he turn his back on hip-hop? he makes all kinds of beats for artists in pretty much every single genre, rap just being one of those genres.