Wale & Meek Mill Releasing Mixtape

Rozay ain’t the only one dropping free music. Yesterday evening, Wale and Meek Mill posted on their Twitter accounts that they may record a joint mixtape. Double M’s, double trouble.

Sidebar: Is Pill no longer MMG?

UPDATE: Meek Mill confirms mixtape

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  • Cheat

    Wale Meek joint Mixtape = a Classic. but Pill leaving MMG was good he just didnt fit in

  • uhuh

    hahahahahahaah Pill

  • pedrobear

    why did pill leave?

  • uhuh

    Staley next hahahahaaha


    take a chill pill nigger

  • kayandgee


  • dumb niggas these days

    Another mistake by the RR team, if you read his other tweets ‘indih’ means in this, do ya research son

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  • MegaMan

    When I think of hip hop I think of MMG and YMCMB.

    MMG vs. G-Unit

    Rick Ross > 50 Cent
    Young Buck > Lloyd Banks
    Gunplay > Tony Yayo
    Wale > Hot Rod
    Meek Mill > Kidd Kidd
    Pill > Shawty Lo
    Stalley > 40 Glocc
    DJ Scream > DJ Pauly D
    Teedra Moses > Paris

  • J.R

    Classic .. Salute 2 da boss ..

  • Pill ain’t get dropped. Ya’ll in here spreadin’ rumors. Lol.

  • John

    Pill and that other guy with the beard have both said on twitter before that they aint happy over there just not in those words

  • JHP

    I don’t really care about Pill & Stalley to tell the truth. Pill isn’t a bad artist actually, but I just don’t fuck with him like that. Wale & Meek Mill are the only relevant members in Rozay’s posse right now.

  • Sam I Am

    Pill didnt leave, he still has the MMG shit on his background, C’mon son!

    On topic: Still dont care about MMG mixtapes anyway.

  • Pill is not wack but he’s not good either…stalley too

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  • Jeff

    meek and wale = mm
    ross = g

    pill is wack btw… nice move dropping him ross

  • Jeff

    why pill change his contact info… it use to say maybach music

  • Truth

    yeah he shoulda signed someone else instead of pill. meek x wale >>>> meek x wale x pill. pill just an extra waste of money.

  • PhiladelphiANT

    @___ANTidote___<—————Follow Me I Follow Back

  • Bet YMCB picks him up by next week

  • Right when i’m getting my new sennheiser hd headphones Rozay, Meek, and Wale dropping mixtapes. Lets just hope its before febuary.

  • the void

    wale needs all the help he can get.

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  • IF YOU LOVE HIP HOP LIKE I DO… WATCH THIS… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9aQiLwYvdw YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!

  • Thanks for the post! He spoke to the source while he was in MD/DC for “Kicks for Kids” Charity Shoe Drive.

    [email protected]