• MegaMan

    This nigga is trying to copy Rick Ross. TM 103 is the worst album of the year. Rozay killed Young Jeezy’s music career. 10 K first week…

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  • MegaMan’s Gay Lover David

    @MegaMan so that’s what your doing in their………………

    I thought you said you was going to the toilet………….

    Come back to bed…………….

    I have turned that new Young Jeezy album off because you have had it on all day and i have put on some George Michael instead

  • yo

    MegaMan you’re an perfect example of a stan/dick rider. I like Rick Ross and not the biggest fan of Young Jeezy but you are on every single post of his. You even said”Ross sold more albums then Jeezy” sorry but if you know all Jeezy albums are platinum which means 1 million< sold. Disgrace to us REAL Rozay fans.

  • MegaDickrider

    MMMMMMMMMM Rozay sweet tender sweaty titties. I’m touching my dick to it right now. Oh and I love u to jeezy that’s why every comment thst i make has ur name in it. Love that sexy raspy deep voice. oh yeah!

  • @yo

    He rides Rick Ross dick to every Jeezy post

  • WOAH

    @1:48 AMBER ROSE

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    I couldn’t make it to K.O.D. lastnight CTE runs MIAMI.

  • Laith

    rick ross is a fake name..fake persona.was a godamn C.O.im dissapointed in how people listen to his music and ignore the elephant in the room.get a real name at least shitt..i hope jeezy stomps that asshole out..and publicy says fuck rick ross.

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