• mula

    oh shit drake better watch out

  • jburg

    OH Goodness!!

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  • JHP

    What is Pusha’s deal with Drizzy exactly? Drake’s said before how he’s a big fan of The Clipse and even has did a song with Malice before, what Pusha mad for?

  • It’ll probably never happen…be a good battle though

  • supppppp

    Pusha’s beef with Drake is strictly out of envy.. Nothing more, nothing less. You can’t be mad at Drake for calling a spade a spade, it’s hard times out here for some people, lmao.

  • Pusha is a soldier. He is following kanye’s orders. Kanye doesn’t want to beef directly with drizzy so he tells pusha to do it

  • Black Shady

    “its hard times out here for some people” – Drake

    LOL!!! but lets keep it 100…..Pusha would D-E-S-T-R-O-Y Drake….and anybody in the YMCMB camp..bars for bars

  • SkiDaRoc


  • BK James
  • Lucky P

    play cloths is a success. HBO spots. 2011 worldwide festival money with Ye’. New Def Jam deal. A few Decon dollars from FOG2 release. so you dickheads feel the times are hard comment was for Pusha? @suppppp and whoever else have to be the dumbest of the fucking dumb

  • jfraz

    another shot at drake lol its obvious REED BETWEEN THE LINES

  • J.swaggle

    damn drizzy

  • Dave

    I see Karen Civil playing both sides drake & pusha t

  • Collar Cali

    IDK what is up… maybe after Drake tried to throw shots at Pusha’s G.O.O.D. music affiliate Common the other day… this is getting cray… everyone is gunning 4 Drake…

  • yzeeh

    Drizzy hate Jay & Ye for weezy & birdman.. now push is doin what he is suppose too… protect his boss!!!

  • Pusha killing this shit.Wish it was a longer freestyle
    Loch live http://youtu.be/acy5T-E2J1M

  • IM730

    What a pussy. If you wanna diss him then say his name. Taking subliminals shots in a song is SOOO whack. Like ima take shots and see what people say and if they get at me than i’ll say it wasnt shots and if they are cool with it then ill say its “shots”. what a pussy. and there is no “competition” argument here cause he aint trying to prove who better he just flat out named one of drakes songs.
    What else is funny 730?? well let me tell you nigga!
    Cannabitch took shots a JCOLE who always bigged him up and yall was like “NO NO WHACK WHACK”
    Pusha takes shots at DRAKE who bigged him up and yall think its cool??

    PUSHA T-bags goin after DRIZZY DRAKE mr.ROGERS SWEATERS aint even a good beef.

  • mac DIESEL fanbase

    I wanna see some of the new cats beefin’.
    But Drake ain’t no MC, so this is probably never gonna happen……

  • Jaymalls

    Pusha, lyrically, could murder anybody on YMCMB… Minus Cory Gunz though! There is nothing Drake can say about this… He can only keep fucking bitch n getting money! N I don’t fault him for doing so, hopefully he doesn’t say some slick shit n add more fuel to the impending forrest fire!!!

  • 804

    Reblogged this on PLANET804's Blog.

  • veesky

    I’m just gonna comment on the elephant in the room…since, when do Hummingbirds sing? O_o

  • smh

    i’d like to think pusha is above this.. beef aint never done no one no good.. his career is looking good, going in this direction would set him back..


    Pusha is dissin him because of the jab Drake threw about the Clipse, Ye and Jay etc on ‘Dreams Money Can Buy’. As we all know he says it in plenty of interviews how “Lord Willin'” and “College Dropout changed his life and made him want to rap. Therefore I believe Pusha took the line “My Favorite Rappers either lost it or they aint alive” as a direct shot…also I think the “The Throne is for the taking ….watch me take it” didnt sit well with him either. Point blank period Push dont like them YMCMB niggas, he never did. He hates Wayne and just needed a reason to send shots…either way its great entertainment for me.

  • Lol dude aint beefing with Drake, it might be a diss because who is currently the “sweetest rapper” out here at the moment. Just take it for what it is, Pusha is calling out Drake for being sweet, no beef.

  • chuck

    That dude, IM730 said it best. Read his comment if anyone missed it… Say no more.

  • You know pusha gonna bac track again like he did a few months ago ..nigguhs ain’t scared to take subliminals but act like bitches when confronted just say a nigguhs name what’s the worst that can happen

  • NinjaNish

    YUGCH Pusha. G.O.O.D. music.

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  • Cragim

    this too dope.. pusha be on it!

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUT75nkLvoI&w=560&h=315%5D

  • Shade

    Is it like a new trend to diss the young up and coming rappers who admire you? Ex. Lil Kim – Nicki, Canibus – J. Cole, Pusha T – Drake.

    I just don’t get it…come on Pusha….

  • Pusha’s weak. He said on live radio, he had no beef with Drake, and again, throwing subliminals. He wrote the rap anyway- NOT A FREESTYLE.

  • smh

    thinking about it, its not really a diss tbh.. wolves really coming at drake cause of his emotional shitttt.. and he does rap about needy bitches..

  • IslandKid

    pusha is so gay.. watch him come out with another interview saying how it wasnt a subliminal at all

    i really dont think its a coincidence theres two seemingly subliminal shots taken at the same guy pusha

  • man

    he already said before that he wasnt dissing Drizzy, bet he say it again too smh

  • TH

    Just don’t see how that translate into a dis of Drake?? So if I freestyle “dudes is corny” that could be applied to many “rappers”.

  • mahrke

    he’s only saying truthful things though m the wolves coming at drake because of his sweat apperence

  • Umm

    common just confirmed, on sway in the morning, that drake was was in fact the victim of ‘sweet’..

  • Citylivin’

    what kinda cool points do you get for dissing Drake? really? Drake?….that guy that sings on 70% of his songs….that’s what you gonna tell yo niggas…”Bruh i just got at that nigga Drake on a song.”………..SO…might as well diss Justin Beiber next, and Robin Thicke after that…don’t stop there diss Enrique Iglesias next.

  • DP

    who gives a fuck? this beef shit is played out in 2011 yo. The only people that care about this shit are the ones that live on their computers.

  • TH

    “Beef” in hiphop will never be played out. That’s the cop out if you support the dude that everyone knows can’t win!

  • M.T

    it aint that serious.

  • hmm

    Unlikely, but could the wolves line be referring to when Drake was robbed in a set-up a couple years ago? He mentioned the incident on “The Resistance” off TML. But that’s maaaad old, so probably not. AHHH SUBLIMINALS

  • Craig

    SOOO everyone just gonna act like Royce didn’t get busted and caught sleeping in that sorry as sextape he has on worldstar.

  • There’s nothing subliminal about it. He’s going at Drake.

    “And all the trust issues that 100 birds bring.”

    Drake has an unreleased song called “Trust Issues.” The first couple lines eventually became the hook for DJ Khaled’s “I’m On One.” http://youtu.be/aiEd8ZUejsI

  • Keith

    I like Pusha T and I like Drake. I also like Common. As my mom just said after I told her abut it all, “Come on, guys, you’re like fifty. Why are you still beefing? Beef is so lame.”

  • 2012*-Release / BoogieMak
    Mid-West UnderGround HEAT!!

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  • I agree with the envy note, however this is hip hop, and drizzy aint immune to haterade. He came in the game squeeky clean. He’s gotta get a little mud on ’em.

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