• micah

    This is half of it and censored. The full 90 mins come with album. Bt this tight tho

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  • jon


  • MegaMan

    Documentary? Really? Young Jeezy copies Rick Ross’ flow and swag.

    Rick Ross (also know as the King of the South) ended Young Jeezy’s career.

    New Rick Ross mixtape >

  • BOSS

    Rick Ross Is No Contest With This Nigga Boy Kill Dat Hating Shit Homie!!

  • Black Shady

    Good shit. Jeezy a real nigga. his music is average (some good) still….but shouts to Jeezy

    how about Ross do a documentary??? so we can see how he a C.O graduate and how he used to work in the pen and shit

  • Dope Boy Fresh

    Uuuhh Oooohhh Grab your Popcorn!
    Jeezy Back!!
    Got the album, just cant wait to Listen to it Fully

  • For Every1 Doubtin Jeezy…All You Have To Do Is Listen, THEN Comment, Dont Call Him Wacc Or Over Ross When Ross STILL Hasnt Had 1 Platinum Plaque & Jeezy Sittin On Like 3. Anyway, TM103 Every Song Is Crazy From What I Heard So Far.

  • IM730

    Whats funny is all you mother fukers goin back n forth about jeezy and ross. And they give into the bullshit. Thats the problem with rap too cause if these two did a whole mixtape or album together i know that shit would be something the streets would eat up.

  • DJ Game

    he was born on october 12th, 1977. get your facts straight. other than that. its dope.

  • Majormar

    Real shit right there. He like the new tupac forreal. Nd ross real too, yall hating niggas trying to make another cornry rap beef when we csn bring real niggas together. Turn negitive to positive

  • Good doc

  • Cadet

    Jeezy the shiiii

  • CALifornian
  • Def Jam Records

    We don’t encourage Young Jeezy and Rick Ross’ situation. They’re both great artist. Young Jeezy is a multi platinum artist, I doubt he cares about what’s happening over at MMG. TM103 December 20th! God Forgives, I don’t coming soon….

  • @DJ Game

    LOL He was born september 28th.
    “Born september 28th my life fought for great”
    “Why the hell you think I sold all of them 9’s cause I’m a libra.”
    “Born on the day of the ounce the 28th nigga sign was scale”

    Stop believing wiki.

  • Milli


  • Sean C.

    YJ, realest nigga alive http://www.rapsandrings.com

  • IF YOU LOVE HIP HOP LIKE I DO… WATCH THIS… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r9aQiLwYvdw YOU BE THE JUDGE!!!

  • the void

    thug motivation.

  • BaddAzz

    Man dnt even put Ross && Jeezy in the same category. Jeezy a real as nigga he came from the streets, he knows what it feels like when u at the bottom. Mr. Prison Gaurd (Ross) is commercial to me. He hot as a rapper but a real ass nigga??? that hasn’t came aross me yet.