• Whitepower

    Look at that cup perfectly placed over Craig Mack’s busted grill.

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  • wickwickwack

    give craig his props …

  • MegaMan

    I like Life After Death and I think Rick Ross is the reincarnation of B.I.G..

  • MegaMan

    R.I.P. Craig Mack.

  • better late than never?

  • @megaman

    craig mack is still alive, i hope you’re aware of that

  • Post no billz

    They are actually in a bk in the pic lol

  • hardwaysyd

    Look carefully, you will notice they aren’t even in a Mc’Ds, they’re in a Burger King. Look above BIGs left shoulder…

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  • Cragima

    diddy raping people … 1 artist at a time…=)

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  • devante

    Lol thank God, cause I know Craig Mack could use another check.

  • Your Father

    I doubt Craig is seeing any many from this.
    Diddy’s probably getting all his checks.
    One question, though?
    Because the ad has hip-hop playing in it, all the people in it have to be black?
    Really McDonald’s? In 2011, McDonald’s?

  • Goo

    I hope Easy Mo Bee getting a check for this one since he produced it.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    @Your Father. I notice a lot of Mc’Ds Commericals have black people go look at the other ones on youtube. Easy Mo Bee made HITS. The

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  • The King

    Shout-out to Steve Stoute

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    @Megamam Ross the reincarnation?! GTFOH! Biggie was ill storyteller and lyrical titan. Ross don’t carry those traits. Only unfortunate similarity is their body size.

    @Cragima Co-sign

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  • Your Friendly Neighborhood Dopeman

    @Your Father The majority of their commercials have black ppl in them as @ZoomZoomDad-Otis said. They have to advertise to their main consumers, which is a shame really.

  • djnerdnyc

    Really? “you lovin it” you loving that MC’D’s is targeting the urban community to eat their unhealthy food? Try to look at the big picture homey. Ever stroll down Linden Blvd (brooklyn) and wonder why there’s a fast food joint on every corner?