New Mixtape: French Montana, Juicy J & Project Pat Cocaine Mafia

Hosted by the Evil Empire, French Montana, Juicy J and Project Pat drop off the goods with their joint mixtape. Tracklist and download link after the jump.

1. Cocaine Mafia Intro
2. Catch Ya Later
3. You Need Haters
4. Do It
5. All She Wanted Is Money
6. Helicopter
7. Alright
8. Is You Kiddin Me (Feat. DJ Paul)
9. Self Made (Feat. Akon)
10. Weed And Hennessy
11. Im Guttah Bra
12. If It Comes Down To It
13. Money, Weed, Blow
14. Choppa Choppa Down
15. Drop That
16. Full of Everything (Feat. Chinx Drugz)
17. Morning Paper
18. Straight Cash (Cocaine Mafia Remix)

Download here l iTunes

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  • them boys go hard!!!

  • BK James

    Man, I don’t get all the hype surrounding Frenchie. I’m not saying he’s a bad artist. He’s made a handful of really good tracks in his time, but he’s also flooded the internet with a bunch of crap. I laughed at that Lockout mixtape with Flocka, then a week later i see mad ignorant folk all over that. Same thing happening here, the tape hasn’t even been out for a day and I’ve already seen a bunch of Facebook post talking about how great this tape is. I think French Montana has a lot of potential as an artist, but if people keep eating up his worst shit than he has no need to progress his career forward in a major way. Maybe Diddy will knock some sense into him, but we’re more likely to see him drop an underwhelming album a year or so from now (after numerous date changes) with maybe one or two hit singles on it and Briqskuad features on the rest. Hip-hop fans: Be more discerning!

  • Big D

    Yessssssssss it’s about time this mixtape drop coke boyz taking over 2012 juuuu heard

  • IM730

    how many mixtapes is this dude french gonna be on damn!
    quantity over quality straight up.

  • Dr Dre’s Ass

    I’d deep throat all these niggas on the cover in a heart beat

  • Irv Gotti for President!

    @bk james

    This mixtape is about project and juice. Frenchie ridin coat tails. But yeah, Puff bout to cash in on the southeren crowd with an ny artist, so if you looking for him to be the next B.I.G, forget it.

  • Wickitty wack wack wack … Get back to doin magic David.Blaine ,

  • M.T

    French montana is wack. enough said