Raekwon Unexpected Victory Cover

Rae showcases his trophy display for the cover art of his upcoming mixtape. Victory is sure sweet. Expect it when it arrives on Christmas.

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  • JohnBlack

    LOL, whut victory?

    This dude should quit or switch his style up. Nobody is checking for that gibberish rap. Als the yes men in his camp should be fucking honest and tell that nigga that nobody understands what the fuck he is talking about. The only reason he gets any love or respect at all, is because he is a part of Wu-Tang. That’s it.

    Is there anyone that actually knows a whole verse of a Raekwon song? Anybody ……………

  • The greek black jesus

    Ur an idiot johnblack…..

    Bet ur favorite rapper is drake…loooool

    Larry ass nikka…rae is a living legend….give respect were its due….punk child

  • JohnBlack

    I’m an idiot for voicing an opinion which differs from yours?

    The fact that I think his music makes no sense does not entail any kind of disrespect. I think it’s funny that in HipHop you have to love everyone’s music. And if you don’t you’re immediately branded as a hater. No matter how aweful the music in question is.

    The first dude that actually deciphers a whole Raekwon album could probably qualify for a linguistic award.

  • The greek black jesus

    Ur an idiot….that’s not voicing ur opinion…its called hateing….u make an album or mixtape like raes…chipmunk

  • The greek black jesus

    I love how people take the time to hate….trolls

  • Brightj

    John Black ain’t hatin..he’s just stating his opinion based on what he hears from his music. Just because a person opinion is negative doesn’t mean it’s shit or that they hatin. Hating would be just goin off on the nigga without hearing any of his music with no real reason to justify WHY they don’t like the music. Personally I like Rae but if others dont who gives a fuck.

  • Yo know bullshit I was just having the same convo about raekwon the other day, if anyone can honestly break down half the shit he is talking about please do and I’m not hatin because I’m a raekwon fan but I was checking out his music and I just was like wtf is he talking about.



    WHERE ARE THEY NOW??????????

  • Terrible,Just terrible.

  • ZoomZoomDad-Otis

    John Black isn’t hating he just mad cuz he’s 45 yr old and still living in his parents basement.

  • Sarcastic A$$hole

    Anyway… Hopefully Ghost,Cappa, GZA, Inspectah and Meth make an appearance. With RZA on the beats of course!



    Have you even heard of the “Only Built For Cuban Linx?” It’s a legendary hip-hop album. Try to find the cassette for it (The Purple Tape)…. you won’t be able to… it’s a collectors item worth a lot of money… I don’t know of any other hip-hop cassette worth that much. Have you heard of “Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt. 2?” Another masterpiece album. Even the king of mainstream music MTV had to give it it’s props by voting Rae top ten rapper of the year… MTV doesn’t do shit like that for a hardcore rapper.

    Rae just raps about love, honesty, greed, hate, jealousy, and the streets through his unique mafioso rap style. He is a rap-drug scholar. I’m sorry you’re not smart enough to understand what he is saying. It takes a certain level of IQ to know what he is talking about…. but hey! That’s why they’re rappers like Lil Wayne or Wiz Khalifa! Just stick to those guys…. okay JohnBlack?

    RAEKWON THE MUTHERFUCKING CHEF… top 5 rapper…. know one can match that style

  • thisisme

    @CRACK-SPITTA , Couldn’t of said it better.

  • explanation

    He said in one line midgets with steal beards meaning his people are strong and their jaws cant be broken. You have to be a certain type of listener to understand raekwon thats the beauty of his music hedoesnt deliver it to you easy you have to listen and pay attention.

  • Pissed

    Well honestly, Rae just spits in a stream of conscious flow, which is constructed more like a narrative not just spitting bars of metaphors & punchlinea all day. Roc Marciano tends to rhyme in this same fashion. Basically it’s gangsta narrative with a bunch of fly talk And knowledge thrown in. That’s the best way I could explain it I guess.

  • Dayz

    Yes Rae and Ghost really created their own slang but if you study their music you can decipher the lines and can make perfect sense of any verse. You really have to listen to the albums 100’s of times, listen to interviews, read the lyrics, etc… but I enjoy Wu-Tang’s music that much that I have studied and appreciated them since 93. To the novice listener it’s going to sound like gibberish and even to the seasoned listener it may take may listens but his lyrics are coherent if you understand him and his style. Back to the mixtape I am very excited for it, can’t wait to roast a yule log and bump it!

  • Ghost

    Raekwon is a don. He spits real shit that takes more than the attention span of a 5 year old to decipher. Stupid punchline drake fags need to fuck off

  • ya some assholes. raekwon is the best

  • Doughnut from DC

    How can he NOT get respect.?When wu-tang came out each and every one of them had their own unique style of rhyming delivery. When this dude dropped his SOLO CLASSIC!!!…At that time he was rapping what others couldnt focus on right. He spit about black depression, cuLture, and sour street tale entangled with 5% lessons. ALL anybody need to do is go cop OnLy BuiLt for Cuban LINX.

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