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  • PAP

    50 created the MIXTAPES that we know today. since “50 cent is the Future” tape dropped, everyone n their grandmama is releasing mixtapes! 50 developed a platform for the Jeezys, TIs, Wanyes, Drakes, Wiz Khalifas, J. Coles, Nickis, etc etc to get on. give credit when credit is too. Nelly was sellin as much records as Em 10 years ago, why is he releasing a mixtape NOW in this stage of his career?

  • jack

    sounds like wiz

  • jack

    but worse

  • uhhhh…

    …. please stop this

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  • change your style up.

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  • ouch

    REAL ASS QUESTION: is there any market whatsoever for anything involving Nelly in 2011?

  • scratch that

    fuck a market: is there anyone remotely interested in consuming FREE content from nelly in 2011?

  • just because the raps not tight, doesnt make the rap a freestyle. This rap was written, shamefully.


    Too old to be rhyming about smashing chicks. Hip hop needs substance and skill, not recklessness.


  • this is sad.

  • if she aint fucking adios

    this nigga is turning 40 soon and cant be rappin anymore SMH…. just live life and chill with friends and see them make the history u made when u was younger

  • savionthegee

    hey PAP, mixtapes were being done wayyyyyy before nifty was doing them, check Houston history, that was the only way they could get their time to to shine and money at 11.00 a cd…..mom and pop stores….but you are right about why he is doing a mixtape, maybe he’s about to leave POP alone and go back hood…..hard to beleive but MO was hood before he was Nelly (want beleive what people will do for the money)

  • BlackAnastasia

    Being from NewOrleans this guy name MoneyFresh was doing Mixtapes of other peoples beats in the early 90’s way before “50cent is the future”and a host of others.So I doubt very seriously that 50 started the Mixtape Circuit.

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  • da fuck

    what is this shit? dont go over an mgk beat if your not gonna bring it my nigga…dont quit your day job nelly

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