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  • calilifestyle

    wtf lol

  • calilifestyle

    idk wha to say baha

  • Dr. Dre’s Ass

    Anyone Can Get On This Late Night Shows Im Guessing

  • endthelockout

    is it just me, or is Letterman a REALLY egotistical prick…
    Seriously, I want to know where this guy draws his arrogance from… I’m angry due to the disrespect he showed to an artist, just to make a laugh.. do your research and be professional

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  • John

    love the album

  • the void

    fuck letterman. hes racist and fuck childish gambino. hes seems so manufactured. fuck that fake shit. stick to writing jokes for community, oh wait it got canceled. never mind.

  • hopsis beats tyler

    fuck that void, i agree with letterman but gambino is fucking ill. last verse of backpackers will prove that

  • the void

    @ hopsis, u mean hopsin? lol

  • the void

    donald glover new community was going to get canceled and 30 rock doesnt want him back, so now he wants to rap to stay relevant? haha

  • the void

    that oreo is lame.


    dope as fuck real nigger


    that “oreo” can actually rap void, stick to gucci.

  • Crew Love

    im liking this actually

  • Crew Love

    David L acted like a dick

  • Tay Tay

    I can’t even lie, i’ve heard about this guy but this is the first track i’ve actually listened to. Pretty dope

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  • Icy Boi!

    Tyler, Hopsin, Lil B, Childish Gambino &Hodhy Beats r da best rappas alive. swag

  • So Icy Bo?!

    Childish Gambino betta den Feminem. swag

  • RoeLuv

    Dave’s been like this for 20 yrs, go watch Leno you sensitive bastards

  • The Truth

    Hes trying to be like jcole and drake combined in one…get ur own flow and style

  • Billy Rae Valentine

    a person who masters the technical styles and trends of pop rap but has no heart and soul in it.

    copies lil wayne’s flow. now rapping over electro and having Drake content and sing-songy raps. like singing a line or two in the verse? drake style. electro beat? how obvious. it’s just blatant trend following.

    idk i can’t stand this guy. just not original at all but kind of displays an arrogance like he thinks he’s so different because what? oh he’s a suburbanite “nerd” persona not a gangsta persona. wow welcome to 2003 when that was innovative. and his comedy sucks, too. he needs to get his own style not copy the flows and styles of whatever’s hot then add “nerd persona” angle to it.

    also it’s annoying to have tv stars get to skip steps and just jump to fame like this. no work put in; his first mixtape had 10’s of thousands of downloads in like a day. why? ’cause he’s so dope? no. because he was on a tv show. and the underground continues to struggle the real way…

  • CrayChan

    Community was not cancelled. And second, he does not write for Community. And, Gambino has been rapping since before anyone heard of J. Cole and Drake. He’s been had this style and flow. The ignorance on this website….

  • R

    ^^Thank you.