Consequence & Q-Tip Reconcile

After making peace with Kanye West a few months ago, Consequence has finally patched things up with cousin and rapper, Q-Tip. It’s a family affair! Here’s what he said to Rap Radar below. Download Curb Certified here.

After a very intense & extensive meeting,

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  • Yeezy

    What a asshole…

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  • nyg718

    lol u niggas is stupid

  • good for them. That whole situation was making me uncomfortable.. QUEENS UNITY

  • p. dom

    cute kid. hope he don’t get his pops’ teeth when they come in. ha! anyway, cons deading this dumb ass beef is a good thing. hopefully, he can learn some humility and stop trying to spazz on everybody he seems to come in contact with (cudi, phife, kanye) only to apologize later. needless to say, his “beef'” with pusha t is as bogus as it comes still.
    it’ll be nice to hear q-tip producing for cons though. i can rock with that.

  • slick rick

    does this mean rap radar wont make no corny bitch ass comments on consequence?

  • Boston George Cape Verd

    what will he do to get online next?

  • @donricoesq

    next for Cons should me him coming to terms with himself that nobody cares about his music and get a job

  • TROLLiver

    ^^^ but he already quit his day job.

  • LOL @ the audio


    notice, every beef this fool ass attention whore Consequence has had and reconciled…. he was the only one talking about.

    This big teef nigga is a bird.

  • Now Let’s Get Dame x Hov To Sit Down It’ll Be all good!

    Check Out My Upstart Site

  • Sam I Am

    Congrats on the son, Cons. You still tripping if you think any of your “beefs” were major though.

  • Berklee

    perfect sndtrk

  • funkieblowfly

    excellent! now lets see Busta squash the beef with Leaders of the New School 2012