Rick Ross At Sound Academy In Toronto

Not too long since his South African excursion, Rozay continued the live performances and touched down at the Sound Academy in Toronto. Here’s footage from Walder of the Bawse running through some hits.

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  • FREEmacDIESAL ( MegaMan is a Troll )

    these niggas record EVERYTHING!

  • MegaMan

    As one of the innovators of real hip hop Rick Ross has never let up on his lyrics, style or performance, he’s at 100% all the time, on ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ he will be at 110%.

    P.S. Fuck Young Jeezy, TM103 is the flop of the year! Rozay ended his career…

  • FREEmacDIESAL ( MegaMan is a Troll )

    ^^^^^^^ nuff said lol
    do i need any more proof lol

  • Aint tryna be a megaman but tm103 was average and generic…nothing special and i copped both the physical and from itunes

  • James Bond

    ye 103 wasn’t great but it was not wack and ye i bought the cd

    it aint flopped either

    that aint rick ross either rick ross is out in la

  • co-sign!!!

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  • Gboy



  • Black Shady

    Why is the DJ spittin more than Rozay? LOL

  • DJ Game

    i honestly could care less about this cornball, but since all of you are commenting, ill say something as well: jeezy is back, you can leave now ross. save the embrassment.

  • haha

    “Flop” but Jeezy sold more copies in the first week than any of Ross albums. Try again boy!

  • OMG Ross is too sexy!!! I wanna massage all his rolls and yes there is going to be a Happy Ending Uhg!!!

  • BlackAnastasia

    Jezzy just stole this nigga energy with 250k sold.Have a seat Ross.

  • Black Shady

    if you dont think Ross will sell around 300-500k first week, yall lying to yourselves
    so better keep quiet with Jizzle’s # (which are good tho)

    and I aint even a Ross stan. im just sayin nigga is big and will sell tons

  • jacobJ


  • jacobJ
  • Truth

    rozay will fail to go platinum once again. i fuck with this niggas beat selection and, sometimes, his flow. but other than that, he has nothing TRUE to talk about. you’d get more respect if you just rapped about how you went to college and studied criminal justice. you know, the truth. anyway doe, you see jeezy and fif bout to steal that buzz back. ‘i love my bitches’ was a complete waste of a beat. shoulda gave it to kanye.